Bailey’s Skip Hire Wins ‘Small Business Partner of the Year’ With The Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance Awards

Bailey’s Skip Hire Wins ‘Small Business Partner of the Year’ for Their Inspiring Work With the Air Ambulance

Bailey’s Skip Hire and Recycling are thrilled to announce the incredible news of winning The Air Ambulance ‘Small Business Partner of the Year’ award. This was rewarded to the skip hire and recycling company after their innovative clothing recycling scheme, which has contributed to diverting around 2 tonne of waste from landfill, whilst raising over £2000 for the phenomenal services the Air Ambulance provides us. 

The Annual Showcase & Awards Ceremony

The Air Ambulance Service hosted its first inaugural Gala awards on the evening of the 17th of September in association with Sloane Helicopters Limited. At the event, they celebrated the work of their volunteers whilst awarding its partners for their inspiring work to help the service. The night showcased how their heroic services work, and the impact of their missions on people’s lives: celebrating courage, creativity and compassion and the true spirit of human endeavour. 

How the Clothing Recycling Scheme Works

The clothing recycling scheme works by providing textile bags to customers hiring a skip off the company, in which they are asked to fill with any unwanted clothes or shoes that would have otherwise been thrown away. This means that these items can be reused, rather than contributing to pollution in landfills and increasing the mountain of fashion waste. 

All the items filled in these bags are then returned to Bailey’s site for the Air Ambulance to collect and transfer to charity shops to sell to the public. Meaning that the Air Ambulance can raise money to help fund their services saving lives every day. 

Who Is the Air Ambulance?

The Air Ambulance provides life-saving services to people who are in hard to reach locations needing urgent care. Their total missions in 2021 have accumulated to 4285, with the average mission costs reaching £1,700. Unbelievably, this service receives no funding from the government, meaning they purely rely on voluntary donations from the public and through their communities & charities. This means we should be doing all we can to raise donations, such as the clothing recycling scheme that Bailey’s Skip Hire has been running alongside their business.


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