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What Are Recycled Aggregates?

Sustainability is becoming more and more important for businesses and consumers. Recycling and reusing materials in order to lessen environmental impact has become a key factor for business purchasing and usage. Recycled Aggregates are one example of this. In the UK, around 200 million tonnes of aggregates are used annually. Only a quarter of this figure is sourced sustainably from recycled materials. Utilising recycled aggregates has benefits on the environment, and on your budget.

Recycled aggregates are created by reusing or utilising surplus construction materials. These materials include asphalt, gravel, sand, and crushed stone. These materials are reprocessed through crushing and mixing, followed by an intensive filtering process. This process includes the removal of foreign objects such as metals, soil, and foundation materials, as well as cleaning. These recycled aggregates can then be reused as aggregates in a variety of settings depending on size. Their quality is paralleled to that of quarry aggregate. They are versatile as they can imitate cement and concrete.

What can they be used for?

Recycled aggregate can be used for all types of construction needs. At the finer, processed level, recycled aggregates can be used for concrete. With larger pieces of crushed aggregate, they work well as bulk fills, road construction, and bases for drainage structures. The latter is what Bailey’s Skip Hire and Recycling use. Called 6f2, this form of recycled aggregate is unbound and course, and works well. Bailey’s Skip Hire and Recycling uses 6f2, an unbound, coarse recycled aggregate. We offer a delivery service for the local area – a 20 mile radius around Corby, with a minimum order of 18 tonnes. Enquire now for prices.

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Why are they beneficial

Cost effective:
Recycled aggregates are highly cost effective. This should not be confused with low quality however. While their quality matches quarry aggregate, their price is reduced. This is due to a variety of factors: the cost of quarried aggregates rising due to finite resources, reduced transport cost as recycled aggregate can be produced locally, and a push for recycled product prices to be affordable.

Environmental impact:
Reusing construction waste as aggregate ensures that this waste stays out of the landfill. Construction, Demolition, and Excavation contribute to 59% of the UK waste produced. The UK has come a long way with recycling, with over 90% of non-hazardous construction waste being recovered. Recycled aggregates have helped make this recovery number so high. Reducing landfill waste is important to keep down the release of greenhouse gases which damage the environment.

In addition, mining quarry aggregate damages the environment. To dig in these quarries, the vegetation and surrounding areas must be cleared. This ruins habitats and damages ecosystems.
As previously asserted, mining is more expensive too, as it requires a large amount of machinery and resources.

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