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Hire a 12 Yard Skip For Domestic, or Commercial waste in Northamptonshire

Popular for house clearances, light construction jobs, and commercial waste, our 12 yard skip is perfect for shifting light, bulky items. Bailey’s Skip Hire and Recycling can help you shift around 8 tonnes of waste materials, such as cardboard, plastic, woods, or metals. Also known as the maxi skip, our 12 cubic yard skips is popular for working on large houses and commercial waste disposal. Please call our friendly team of advisors if you require a skip, or wish to learn more about our skip sizes and services. We can talk you through the booking process. Our team will also request a skip hire permit for you, if you wish to place your 12 yard skip on public property.

skip hire
12 yard Skip hire

12 Yard Skip Dimensions

Capacity: 12 cubic yards (9.2 cubic metres)
Height: 5′ 6″ (1.68 metres)
Length: 12′ 2″ (3.7 metres)
Width: 5′ 10″ (1.78 metres)

Fits approximately 80-110 bin bags

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Bailey's Skip Hire and Recycling

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Our 12 Yard Skip Hire Service

We provide flexible collection times and competitive prices to ensure the best quality service for the lowest price across all of Northamptonshire. Whatever hire period you’re looking for, we can provide it. 14 weeks, 14 days, or 14 hours, we provide delivery and collection that suits your schedule!

Our 12 yard skips are available as enclosed or open containers (waste type dependent). Bailey’s maxi skips are perfect for common household and commercial waste materials including wood, plastic, metal, and cardboard. Our 12 cubic yard skip is not suitable for soil or aggregates, however, our 6 yard skip and 8 yard skip are your go-to solution for any aggregate needs. We also sell our recycled aggregates back to our clients. Please note that hazardous materials cannot be collected in our skips due to UK guidelines on protected hazardous waste collection.

Why Choose Bailey's Skip Hire

At Bailey’s, skip delivery and collection is not all we do. We value proper ethical and compliant waste disposal, ensuring that as much waste is diverted away from landfill sites as possible. In fact, we recycle around 97% of the waste we collect each year, and treat it in line with UK guidelines. Once we collect your waste, it is taken to our Materials Recycling Facility, where it is divided into designated waste streams and sorted. Recycling your waste helps to reduce the need for new, raw materials across the UK industries. Recycling valuable waste helps to reduce CO2 emissions, forest damage, and water and soil pollution. Hire a 12 yard skip with Baileys today if you are looking for a reliable, efficient, and ethical waste management company in the Northamptonshire area.

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