Bailey’s Skip Hire: Shortlisted For ‘Small Business Partner of the Year’

Air Ambulance

Bailey’s Skip Hire Have Been Shortlisted For ‘Small Business Partner of the Year’

Bailey’s Skip Hire have announced the incredible news of being shortlisted for ‘Small Business Partner of the Year’ for their inspiring work done with The Air Ambulance.  

The event takes place at The Air Ambulance’s inaugural Gala Awards evening, where they are celebrating and showcasing the incredible heroic work of its people and partners.’ The annual showcase has been described as celebrating courage, creativity, and compassion for the charity saving lives every day.

Why Are Bailey’s Skip Hire Nominated?

Bailey’s Skip Hire launched a clothing recycling scheme in 2020 to raise money for The Air Ambulance Service, working alongside Northamptonshire and Warwickshire Air Ambulance. 

With each skip given to the public, textile bags were also handed over as part of the service. This meant that their customers were able to fill these textile bags with old clothes, textiles, or shoes which would have been thrown away, then being passed onto the charity to sell in shops and receive funding. 

This innovative scheme has collected around 1 tonne of waste, accumulating over £1000 for their shops! Not only has this contributed to funding this incredible service helping people every single day, but it has also diverted this waste from landfill and allowed for it to be passed on and re-used by the public. 

Who Are The Air Ambulance?

The Air Ambulance service receives no funding from the government, despite saving lives and transporting people to hospitals on a daily basis. This service is entirely funded by the help of communities, charities, and individual donations. 

At Bailey’s Skip Hire, they wanted to come up with a scheme that could help the local community fund this service. Through their giving customers, the skip hire service were able to raise a large sum of money, and plan to only have the donations grow as the scheme carries on into the future.


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