Do I Need A Permit To Hire A Skip

Skip on public land

Why Should I Hire A Skip?

Hiring a skip is the perfect way to store your waste and have it collected during projects of any size; whether that be sprucing up the garden, or major works at a construction project for your business. Their capacity makes containing the waste easy, along with the option of open or enclosed containers depending on your needs. 

Do I Need A Permit To Hire A Skip?

You may already have a project in mind that requires a skip, and are on the hunt for the perfect sized container for the job at hand. Now, the questions surrounding skip permit prices, whether you are allowed to keep skips on public roads, and how to contact the local council to secure this are arising. Not only will you need a license to put a skip on a public area, but also for skip bags that you are using.

Luckily for you, at Bailey’s Skip Hire we can obtain your skip licence for you, taking care of the whole process and providing a stress free experience. When you hire a skip on public land or public highway, we are able to grab this skip hire permit without any additional fees, enabling you to have your skip on the road as you please. We can even then extend this if you need the skip for longer. You may also need to put safety markings around the skip with items such as traffic cones and reflective markings when placed on public land.

If you are planning on placing the skip on private property, then you are exempt from needing a permit if it is entirely placed on private land. It must not in any way restrict access for drivers or the public otherwise you could face a hefty fine. 

Where Can I Put a Skip

Skip Hire Companies

If you are searching for a skip hire company, then Bailey’s Skip Hire are perfect for the service. We offer a range of skips to suit your requirements for both household and commercial use, ranging from 2 cubic yards for household jobs to 40 cubic yards for business such as construction, factory or packaging waste. 

Our waste containers are even available for same day delivery and collection if needed, causing minimal disruption and making sure your project can stay on track. Any waste collected will then be recycled where possible, limiting waste sent to landfill and contributing to a safe and sustainable planet for us all. As a business, it is important that we are working together using environmentally-friendly methods and helping to reduce C02 emissions. 

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