10 Eco-Friendly Businesses In Northamptonshire


10 Eco-Friendly Businesses In Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire is home to an array of green businesses that are striving towards building a more sustainable world. From eco-friendly cafes to cleaning services, every sector can be making changes to ensure we are working towards a positive future. 

In this blog, we explored our top 10 eco-friendly businesses in Northamptonshire and what they are doing to help Northamptonshire become greener.

Coffee and Refills

Coffee and Refills are a zero waste and coffee shop. As Northamptonshire’s first refill shop, you can pop to the store with your own bottles to fill up with products over and over again. The business offers over 400 plastic free products, from food & drinks to household cleaning. 

Good To Bee

It’s Good To Bee plastic free! In a mission to cut out single use plastic and reduce waste, this company has created an alternative food wrap using organic cotton sourced from bees and plant wax. They have also created organic paper towels that are plastic free and fully compostable; leaving trees and the planet unharmed.

The Hippy Hare Company

The Hippy Hare Company is also bringing the world plastic & cruelty free products. Their product range includes lip balms, toiletries, cups and food wraps that are all helping us reduce the planet’s plastic pollution. 

The NX Group

The distribution firm The NX Group has gone green by providing sustainable packaging for their customers ranging from warehousing to retail distribution services. One client, KINN, agreed on a recycled packaging option with The NX Group to match their ‘clean beauty’ products for their customers. The packaging is 100% recycled paper, that is flexible, low-cost and requires little storage. 


Greenserve is a cleaning company based in Northamptonshire who believe that environmental protection is a strategic business issue and an integral part of operating a cleaning services company.” The company has shared their passion for the environment in their key environmental objectives, showing a mission to reduce waste, recycle materials, and promote sound environmental practices to customers.


Ecospin is the first eco-friendly garment and textiles care specialist in Northamptonshire. The business offers an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional dry cleaning, using no hazardous chemicals. Their values are to minimise waste, use energy & water efficiently, and recycle everything they possibly can.

Daily Bread

Daily Bread sells various products, committed to stocking as much organic and local produce as they can. The store has introduced refillable stations and began drastically reducing their packaging in a bid to cut down plastics. To help with this, they have recently discovered a material called Natureflex based on renewable resources to start introducing to the shop.

The Food Library

The Food Library started at Laura and Michael’s home in Northampton. They grow, harvest, and prepare all of their products, combined with locally sourced ingredients. You can buy their chemical free, environmentally-friendly food at their shop or online.

Appletree & Avalon

The eco-friendly store Appletree & Avalon sell a huge variety of sustainable products to help us reduce our carbon footprint and reduce landfill waste. They are the first exclusively 100% UK made & eco-friendly small independent (online only) Home, Beauty & Gift store. The business has vowed to ‘put nature and the world we live in at front of mind​’.

Refill Van

Refill Van offer an innovative service providing a solution to reducing single-use plastic consumption. The process works by bringing your own containers to the shop, filling them up with the products you need, weighing the container and finishing with a contact free payment. They are even offering home visits for you to fill up outside of your own home!

How Bailey’s Skip Hire Is Helping Northamptonshire Become Greener

At Bailey’s Skip Hire, we are constantly thinking of new schemes and processes to create a greener business. With a 97% recycling rate, our services are already diverting a huge amount of waste from landfills including over 70,000 tonnes of waste recycled annually. We also run a scheme with The Air Ambulance where we hand out textile bags to customers to fill up with unwanted clothes, so far saving 1 tonne of waste from landfill to be sold in charity shops. 


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