Recycling your waste materials 

adding value to your recyclable waste

Baileys Skip Hire and Recycling Ltd can help you become more environmentally conscious and help add value to your recyclable waste. By separating your waste streams and working with us, you can reduce your disposal costs and create potential rebates on materials. Mass scale waste disposal for businesses can be expensive, and a great deal of the waste you send to the landfill has the potential to be recycled into something new. By recycling your waste with Baileys, you will cut costs dramatically in waste disposal, and you can contribute to reducing unnecessary landfill waste. Not only will you reduce disposal costs, but you can increase profits too. Baileys offers potential rebates on certain materials, depending on their volume.

Cardboard bales
Plastic bale recycling

We Accept A Range of Materials

We can collect your Cardboard waste, both loose or in baled form. When the cardboard arrives at the yard, it is tightly compacted and bulked into bundles. These bundles are shipped off to paper mills, where they are recycled. This process involves de-inking the cardboard, followed by a boiling process which breaks down the cardboard fibres. The resulting pulp is formed into paper. This paper can be turned into new paper products, and new cardboard.

Baileys can collect a broad range of your paper waste. We recycling newspapers and pamphlets, shredded office paper, and magazines and books. These can be collected on pallets, RORO containers or bulkers, depending on the volume. The recycling process for paper waste is the same as cardboard waste. It is processed in a paper mill, broken down into pulp, and reformed into new paper products.

We offer plastic recycling too, namingly soft plastics such as LDPE and PP. Plastic waste can either be delivered or collected in smaller bales. We can offer to re-bale on site. These compacted bales will then be sent to plastic recycling companies, who will turn the material back into a flake or granulate. THese substances can then be made into new plastic products.

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If you need an efficient, safe, and reliable waste recycling service, get in touch with Baileys Skip Hire and Recycling to find out more. Send us a message for a quote and more information, or give us a call on 01536743030.


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