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Popular amongst professional builders, our 6 yard skips, or small builders skip, are perfect for small to medium sized projects. Our 6 cubic yard skip hire service is ideal for shifting small but heavy loads of aggregate, including soil, rubble and hard-core. In addition, our 6 cubic yard skips are great for large home renovations or garden clearance. We can also provide drop doors on these sized skips. With our flexibility and competitive skip hire prices, Bailey’s Skip Hire company is your best choice for affordable skip hire services in the Northamptonshire area.

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6 Yard Skip Hire

6 Yard Skip Dimensions

Capacity: 6 cubic yards (4.6 cubic metres)
Height: 4′ (1.22 metres)
Length: 8′ 6″ (2.6 metres)
Width: 5′ (1.52 metres)
Approximately 65 black bin bags

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Our 6 yard Skip Hire Service

If you are looking to hire a 6 yard skip, Baileys Skip Hire and Recycling are here to help. We provide a flexible collection service suited to you. Whether you need a hire period of 14 days, ad-hoc collections, or same day delivery and collection, our ADR certified drivers will collect your waste efficiently with minimum disruption. Our team of skip hire professionals have been in the waste management industry for over 20 years. If you’re looking to book a skip, or find out more about our range of skip sizes, our team will answer any queries you have. If you cannot place your skip on private property or on construction sites, we can also help you obtain a skip permit from the council. We provide skips for both designated waste streams, or mixed waste, depending on what your business needs. Our skip sizes range from 2 yards to 40 yards. If you are a business in the Northamptonshire area and find yourself searching ‘6 yard skip hire near me,’ Baileys Skip Hire and Recycling are the perfect company for you!

Bailey's Skip Hire and Recycling

We provide waste management and recycling services.

6 yard skip hire near me

The importance of Compliant Waste Disposal

Our waste removal service is not only efficient and reliable, but ethical too. Hiring a skip with Baileys helps reduce the amount of waste going to landfill sites. Each year, Baileys divert 97% of waste away from landfill sites. This amount is equal to 70,000 tonnes, and continues to rise every year. When recyclable waste arrives in landfill sites, it can cause a great deal of environmental damage; polluting surrounding areas and releasing greenhouse gases.

Instead, Baileys will collect your waste and treat it at our Materials Recycling Facility. Utilising a compliant and ethical waste disposal company reduces your business’ environmental impact and improves your public image as a reputable, ethical company.

With our 6 yard skip hire service, we often collect aggregate waste. Aggregate is often disposed of with little care for reuse, however, at Baileys, we see the value in all waste. Only a quarter of all aggregate used in the UK is made from sustainable, recycled materials.

Baileys are contributing to increasing this number by treating and recycling all the aggregate we collect. Materials common on construction sites, such as asphalt, gravel, sand, and crushed stone, are processed, filtered, and cleaned. Baileys not only treat and recycle aggregate waste, but we sell it too. We deliver 6f2 unbound, coarse recycled aggregate across Northamptonshire, with a minimum order of 18 tonnes. We offer competitive 6 yard skip prices near you. Get in touch today to book your skip!

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