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Prompt and dependable commercial 8 cubic yard skip hire in Northamptonshire

In the building and construction trade, doing a professional job means having the right equipment on hand at every stage of the building project. You can depend on Bailey’s Skip Hire and Recycling for prompt and cost-effective skip hire throughout the Northamptonshire region. Our 8 cubic yard skip is a great size for your general needs throughout small projects; perfect for waste such as small amounts of mixed aggregates. If you are looking for a skip only for aggregates, soil, stone & construction wast then our 6 yard skip maybe most suitable. 

We offer collection services that suit your needs, ranging from same day delivery and collection, 14 days rent periods, and on-site recurring leases for businesses or house clearance of waste. Our friendly customer services ensure a stress-free experience when you are looking to hire a skip. They can talk through our wide range of skip sizes, answer questions about our services, and even obtain a skip hire permit if you need the bin placed on public property. Take the stress away of overflowing bin bags and enjoy the benefit of our skips; allowing you to focus on your projects and stay on track!

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8 Cubic Yard Skip

Skip Dimensions

Capacity: 8 cubic yards (6 cubic metres)
Height: 4′ (1.22 metres)
Length: 12′ (3.66 metres)
Width: 5′ 6″ (1.68 metres)
Approximately 80 black bin bags

Why Choose us

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Our 8 Cubic Yard Skip Hire Service

If you are looking to hire a skip for your waste, book a skip with Bailey’s Skip Hire Company today. Our flexible collection schedules and competitive skip hire prices ensure that we are the best choice for affordable and reliable skip hire in Northamptonshire. 

Our 8 cubic yard skips are the most popular skip for a small load of aggregates. They can collect a range of waste streams, either dedicated and mixed, but are most commonly used for collecting mixed waste for general needs. 

At Bailey’s, not only do we collect your aggregate waste, but treat it too. Only a quarter of the UK’s aggregate waste is made from recycled materials, and we are contributing to increasing that fraction. We recycle 97% of all the waste we collect, and this is no different for aggregates. We process, filter, and clean your aggregate waste. We also sell our recycled aggregate, helping you business have a complete aggregate service, with no need to take your business elsewhere. We deliver 6f2 unbound, coarse recycled aggregate throughout the Northamptonshire area.

Bailey's Skip Hire and Recycling

We provide waste management and recycling services.
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The importance of Compliant Waste Disposal

Using a compliant and ethical skip hire service is the perfect way to help reduce landfill waste and to improve your company’s public image. Each year, Bailey’s Skip Hire divert over 70,000 tonnes of waste away from landfill sites. When recyclable waste ends up in a landfill, it contributes to climate change by releasing greenhouse gases and leaking chemicals into the surrounding environment.

Instead, your waste is returned to our Materials Recycling Facility, where it is separated into waste streams, cleaned, and sent to dedicated treatment centres. Here, the waste is treated so that it can be returned back into circulation and used again. Hire an 8 cubic yard skip today for efficient, reliable, and ethical waste management.

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