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Bailey’s skip hire can provide a comprehensive commercial waste recycling service for businesses in the Corby and Northamptonshire area. Our collection services cover the waste collection & recycling of general trade waste, cardboard, wood, metal & even hazardous waste materials. We offer both segregated and mixed recycling solutions, and therefore provide skips for both.

When your waste arrives at our commercial recycling centre through our valid waste carriers, we mechanically remove large items for recycling. The larger recyclable materials may include large cardboard bales, wood, and large metals.

The smaller general waste items are sent to our Materials Recycling Facility (MRF), where they are manually divided. These smaller waste items consist of plastic bottles, metal cans, small pieces of cardboard, and paper.

Any leftover waste: end-of-life waste, is converted into energy. This energy is used in energy plants around Europe as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF). Baileys ensures that we send as little waste to landfills as possible when using our disposal services.

Cardboard Bale Collection

Skip Hire For Commercial Waste Management

We also provide skips as part of our waste service for segregated materials. For segregated plastic, cardboard, wood, and metal, Baileys can provide 20 yard and 40 yard skips. For inert construction waste, we can offer 2, 4, 6, and 8 yard skips.

Our Commercial Waste Disposal Service

Customers across the Northamptonshire area benefit from our commercial recycling waste collections. We specialise in the waste disposal of various business waste streams. Offering competitive prices at lower costs, your business can save money from our recycling facilities.

Our licensed waste carrier will complete the recycling collection service with professional vehicles to remove the load. They can then recover waste from your premises and save you space storing rubbish, whilst following the correct regulations.

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Bailey's Skip Hire and Recycling

We provide waste management and recycling services.

Why Choose Our Commercial Recycling Services?

Our trade waste collection services for commercial waste is highly flexible and efficient. One of our licensed waste carriers with incredible customer service will collect your materials on a day that suits you.

Why Should I Use Business Waste Management Solutions?

Business waste must be kept separate to household waste types. This means you should not use household waste recycling centres to dispose for your waste management. By partnering with our solutions, you can have peace of mind that you are acting responsible and in line with the environment agency.

commercial waste recycling services

What are the benefits of commercial waste recycling?

Dealing with your business waste and recycling sustainably has many benefits. It saves time, money, and your impact on the environment. It is your legal responsibility to deal with waste safely.

Segregating waste is important. Purchasing segregated waste bins is often a solution many businesses opt for in order to separate their waste. However, for businesses who produce large amounts of waste, these recycling bins can be extremely costly.

Baileys offer a cost-effective solution by managing the collection and disposal. We transport and dispose of all types of recycling and waste streams.

By sending your waste to be recycled, you can reduce greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. This cuts your carbon footprint, thus improving your reputation as a respectable business.

You have a duty of care as a business to minimise your impact on the planet. Through our waste recycling collections and processes, we can ensure that you are doing your part towards a sustainable future.

Our Commercial Waste Compactor Services

Baileys also offers waste compactors to reduce the size of waste materials. The compactors can hold much more than a regular skip, compressing down waste as it is added. This is beneficial for businesses as it results in far fewer collections, lowering costs for the disposal of their waste. We also offer skips for household waste, so please contact us for both commercial and domestic services.

Frequenty Asked Questions FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

Examples of commercial waste include office paper, retail packaging, plastics, food waste, and electronics.

You can pay for commercial waste collections to pick up and remove waste generated by your business, such as in offices, retail stores, and restaurants.

The 4 types of waste are liquid waste, solid waste, organic waste and recyclable waste.

Commercial waste can be recycled through methods such as sorting, shredding, and repurposing materials for new products. The form of process will depend on the product.

Commercial solid waste can refer to waste generated by businesses, such as containers, demolition, plastics, and packaging.

The main difference between commercial and industrial waste is that commercial waste is generated by businesses, while industrial waste is generated by manufacturing and production facilities. Industrial waste may be more heavily regulated and can be more toxic and dangerous than commercial waste.

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