Where Can I Put a Skip?

Where Can I Put a Skip

Where Can I Put a Skip?

Are you preparing to renovate your garden, house, or commercial property and asking yourself where can I put a skip? It’s difficult to know exactly where you’re allowed to put a skip and where you can’t.

It is more straightforward if you have a large driveway or front garden although there are still some important things to think about including access to the skip and logistics. If you don’t have a driveway don’t worry, there are still some options for where you can put your skip so you can dispose of your waste efficiently and complete your next project with minimal fuss. In this blog, we answer the question where can I put a skip, so you know exactly what your options are when you are ready to hire a skip.

Private Property

You are legally allowed to keep a skip on your own property for any length of time. This means if you have a driveaway or front garden that could hold a skip this option will give you the most flexibility and is also the most cost-effective way of keeping a skip. It is, however, important to consider some disadvantages to keeping a skip on your own property. One is that you are liable for any damage the skip causes to your driveaway or property, not the skip company. This means you may not want a skip on your driveway if you have just spent lots of money renovating it! A great way to minimise the risk of damage is to put boards down ready for when your skip is delivered.

The Best Option for Convenient and Flexible Skip Hire

The great thing about putting a skip on private property is you don’t have roads, cars or people to navigate when putting waste in the skip and you can put it in the most convenient place. It is also more convenient for the skip hire company to drop off and collect the skip and the risk of other people fly-tipping in your skip is massively reduced. One important tip is to make sure the skip doesn’t block your front door, garage or anything you need access to whilst the skip is placed there.

Public Property

Another option for people that don’t have a driveway or front garden is to place the skip on the road as close to their front door as possible. One downside to this is you need to obtain a skip permit from your local council to legally place it on a road otherwise you could be fined up to £1000. You may need safety lights, cones and markings to be able to place a skip on your road. At Baileys Skip Hire and Recycling, we offer help to customers when they hire a skip from us to ensure they have the correct permit ready for delivery.

Will My Skip Get in Anyone’s Way?

When putting a skip on a public road, people often worry the skip will be inconvenient for their neighbors and obstruct other people’s property. Although you may take up some parking space, if you have obtained a permit you are allowed to have it there and people will understand that you need it. It’s important to bear your neighbors in mind when you do put waste in your skip and make sure you don’t damage anything that is not yours.

Quick and Affordable Skip Hire Services

Now you know the answer to the question where can I put a skip, you are now ready to enquire and book the right sized skip for your next project. Bailey’s Skip Hire and Recycling offer reliable skip hire services throughout Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas including Corby, Kettering, Rushden, Market Harborough and Wellingborough. Contact us today to find out more!


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