What is fly-tipping?

What is fly Tipping

what is classed as fly-tipping

Fly-tipping is the “illegal dumping of liquid or solid waste on land or in water”. It is normally done to avoid waste disposal costs or long queues at the local recycling centre. There are more than one million fly-tipping incidents dealt with each year costing taxpayers around £58 million annually to clean up. Fly-tipping can range from one person dumping a bag of rubbish to truckloads of waste being dumped on any kind of land without a valid license. 

Why Is Fly Tipping such a big problem?

One of the main issues is that it leaves local spaces looking rundown and ugly. It can also be unhygienic for local residents and even dangerous if people have dumped hazardous or asbestos waste like toxic materials, chemicals or electrical waste. This could impact soil and water quality which has an adverse effect on people’s health. 

It is also very expensive to remove waste that has been fly-tipped. This is because it often falls on either the council to arrange the disposal of the waste or even the individual if it has been dumped on their land. This means other people may have to pay hundreds of pounds to get rid of the waste a fly-tipper has left. 

Is Fly-tipping Illegal?

Yes. Fly-tipping is a serious offense that you can be prosecuted for with large fines or even imprisonment. There are about 500,000 enforcement actions carried out in the UK each year which proves just how much of a problem it has become. The government rightly wants to cut down on the problem and has introduced more strict penalties in recent years.

How to report someone fly-tipping 

If you catch someone fly-tipping and report it quickly then there is a much better chance of catching the culprits. You can easily report it to your local council by visiting https://www.gov.uk/report-flytipping/ and detailing where the offense occurred, the date and time of the incident and a description of who you saw fly-tipping or the vehicle involved. 

What to do if someone fly-tips on my property?

If you become a victim of fly-tipping then it is up to you to safely dispose of the waste and unfortunately and unfairly, pay the costs to do so. If you need a contractor to deal with the waste for you, make sure they are licensed waste carriers so they dispose of it properly. We also recommend checking where the fly-tipping happened to see if you can find out how and why the area was targeted to avoid it happening again in the future. 

Baileys Skip Hire Fly Tipping Services

If you have fallen victim to fly-tipping and need a reputable waste management company to collect and dispose of the waste then we can help. We offer highly competitive prices for all kinds of waste and our services are quick and efficient so you can get your land clean and safe in no time at all. 


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