Will A Skip Damage My Driveway?

Will A Skip Damage My Driveway?

Placing Skips On Private Land

When placing a skip on private land such as your driveway, people often have the burning question of ‘will a skip damage my driveway?’. In short, having a big lump of metal on your land may damage the land beneath, although it does not happen often. 

At Bailey’s Skip Hire, we do our best to minimise damage to driveways and have an experienced, professional team for the job at hand. Our business has a high customer satisfaction rate, and provides a stress-free service for all of our customers.

However, we do recommend that all of our customers place down boards for the skip to be placed onto, especially if we are working with soft tarmac or resin driveways. These types of driveways have a higher risk of damage due to their characteristics. All our customers should be aware that we don’t accept damage to driveways due to the nature of work, and do not provide the service of putting down boards to sit beneath the skip.

The Benefits Of Skips

Skips are incredibly useful for both household and business projects that produce large amounts of waste and need a sport to store it. Skips keep your project clear, organised and clutter-free, whilst allowing you to have your waste collected and recycled effectively where possible. 

If you are placing your skip on public land, a skip permit will be needed. You will also need to add signage such as lights, cones and reflective marking to ensure the safety and visibility of your skip. 

Where Can I Hire A Skip?

We provide a wide variety of skips for both domestic and commercial projects, having the perfect size for any project you may be looking to undertake. Our skip hire for the Northampton region can benefit from same-day delivery and collection, and have the option to choose from open or enclosed containers.  

If you are looking for a skip, get in touch with our team today at info@baileysskiphire.co.uk and we will be happy to help you find the right skip for your project. 


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