How We Recycle Your Skip Waste

How We Recycle Your Skip Waste

A huge amount of skip waste is generated each year in the UK, whether that be from commercial use or home projects. The Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs found that the UK dumps about 200 million tonnes of waste per year; a staggering amount that could have been recycled into new products. Not only does this increase the amount of raw materials being used, but also landfill contribution, that comes hand in hand in damaging the planet by carbon emissions and waste seeping into the earth. 

Acting in an environmentally-friendly manner will also deduct the amount of waste ending up in our environments, such as the ocean. Where skip waste holds a huge amount of large materials, if disposed of using unsustainable methods, much of the waste may end up killing wildlife and damaging marine life. At Bailey’s Skip Hire, we recognise the importance of recycling your skip waste, and provide a full waste management service to sustainably dispose of your materials.

How Bailey’s Skip Hire Recycle Your Skip Waste

With a massive 97% recycling rate, our leading recycling and waste company has been able to recycle almost all of our clients’ waste. Skip waste often includes materials such as large metals, wood, aggregates, plastic, and cardboard bales. These heavier items are mechanically removed, and then placed ready to go through the full recycling process.

When disposing of smaller waste materials, we will send items to our Materials Recycling Facility (MRF). Here, the products are manually divided into separate waste streams. This allows for each different item to be specifically recycled by terms of product material, with any end-of-life waste being converted into energy to be used across Europe. 

Offering both skip hire and recycling services to our clients, we can ensure that all of our services are positively contributing to the sustainability of our planet. Our experienced team can also offer you advice on how best to handle your waste, and offer you incredible rates on all of our services.

What Are The Benefits Of Recycling?

Recycling will not only save energy and pollution to the planet, but also your costs. We provide a cost-effective full collection and recycling service, saving you money and time on multiple waste collectors. At Bailey’s we can handle all of your business or household waste streams, providing an efficient and flexible service for anything from hazardous waste to paper. If you are a business creating a large amount of rubbish, recycling will also help to boost your green credentials. This is recognised amongst the public, and is highly valued and respected; which can ultimately increase client and customer rates for your company. 

If you are looking for a friendly recycling and waste management company to handle your waste, get in touch with Bailey’s Skip Hire today. We not only offer recycling services, but also skip hire and recycling containers to manage your waste prior to disposing.


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