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Are you looking for an affordable, reliable service to dispose of your businesses waste? At Bailey’s Skip Hire, we offer a safe and secure waste management recycling service for both large and small amounts of waste created. Covering the whole process from the collection through to the recycling at our licenced facilities, we take the hassle out of the waste disposal stress businesses and households experience. The types of waste we are able to collect include hazardous waste, dry mixed recycling such as cardboard and plastic, wood, metal, food waste and other general waste. All of which are taken through our environmentally-friendly recycling process where possible, and repurposed into new products saving raw materials from being used. 

We work across Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough, and the surrounding areas of Northamptonshire for both households and businesses. Whether you have finished refurbishments, transformed your garden, or have constant waste streams as a business, we can provide you with the most efficient waste management service for your requirements.

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We Provide Waste Management Recycling Containers

As well as collecting mixed waste, we also offer dedicated recycling containers for segregated waste collection. Baileys can provide skips for segregated materials. For segregated plastic, cardboard, wood, and metal, Baileys can provide 20 yard and 40 yard skips. For inert construction waste, we can offer 2, 4, 6, and 8 yard skips.

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Your Waste Management Recycling Solution

Bailey’s Skip Hire waste management recycling service is the perfect solution for businesses or households looking for flexible waste collection services. We provide quick collections, with the waste then taken through the full recycling process minimising our impact on the planet. Any end-of-life waste is converted into energy: This energy is used in energy plants around Europe as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF). 

Whether your business is creating waste to a minimum scale or at a larger rate, we have a dedicated team able to cater to varied amounts through our multiple sized skips. Here at Bailey’s, we offer skips at excellent rates ranging from 2 cubic yards to 40, along with recycling containers for segregated waste, ensuring an efficient recycling collection for the dates arranged.

With a track record of fast collections, we pride ourselves on great customer service for each of our clients. Each of our waste carriers are registered and will supply a waste transfer note to present a clear audit trail. 

Our Waste Compactor Services

Baileys also offers waste compactors prior to collection days to reduce the size of waste materials. This is beneficial for customers who produce large amounts of waste. The compactors can hold much more than a regular skip, compressing down waste as it is added. 

The Benefits Of using bailey's skip hires waste management recycling services

As a business, the benefits of recycling are endless. When handling recycling and waste appropriately using our waste management recycling service, you can work towards achieving a circular economy; benefiting both businesses and the environment. Whilst using our recycling services, you will be helping to deduct waste ending up in landfill resulting in further pollution and saving vital energy in creating new resources. We will handle the full waste management service, helping you reduce your carbon footprint whilst saving you money on other bin collectors. Businesses recycling demonstrates thought and care to the planet, which is highly respected across the public. The sustainability of our planet is the thought on many of our minds with current circumstances, and by implementing a waste management recycling service for your business, we can ensure your contribution and motivate workers within your team.

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