How Does Recycling Save Money For Businesses

How Does Recycling Save Money For Businesses

Save Your Business Money With A Recycling Program

Whilst there are numerous benefits when you implement a recycling program for your business on the sustainability front, there are also huge cost benefits to save your business money. Managing multiple waste streams can feel tricky for businesses, however, having a process in place where materials are recycled helps to create a smooth waste management procedure.

Whether you are producing a large or small amount of waste, your company should always recycle materials where possible. This may be waste such as plastic, metal, hazardous items, shipping padding or paper and cardboard materials. All of the recyclable waste you are producing can be repurposed into new products, saving raw materials from being overused and vast amounts of pollution.

4 Ways Recycling Saves Your Businesses Money

1. Rebates For Recyclable Materials

Many business owners are unaware of this, however much of the waste you are producing is valuable to waste companies and can be a new source of income for your company. Some of the top items that receive great rebates include cardboard boxes, scrap metal and plastics. 

Recycling rebates open up the opportunity for another revenue stream that can help to grow your business. You can find out just how valuable your waste is by conducting a waste audit and getting in touch with a specialist commercial recycling company.

One great way to handle your recyclable materials safely and efficiently at the workplace is by purchasing a waste baler. These can help in reducing waste volumes and preparing waste appropriately for collectors and recycling services to clear the materials from your site to enter the recycling process.

2. Cut Transport & Disposal Costs

Dealing with waste yourself can incur hefty disposal and hauling costs. By partnering with a waste management company you can have the waste collected on a day that suits you and removed efficiently and quickly. This reduces costs you spend on transporting and disposing of materials yourself, and also opens up more time to focus on other important areas of your business.

3. Reduce Labour Time Managing Waste

It can be a big job to manage waste streams internally at your business, this is why creating a program with an external recycling company is handy to reduce labour costs. This can ensure money is spent on employees focusing on running the business and has even shown in studies to boost engagement and productivity when a recycling program is in place.

4. Reusing Old Materials Avoids Costs For Products

Buying reusable products rather than new items each time is essential to pushing for a circular economy. Next time you throw away an item, think about how you could reuse it in another area of your business to avoid extra costs and increase your green credentials.


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