5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Skip

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Moving house can involve a considerable amount of work, sifting through items that have been sitting in your loft for decades or unused furniture you just don’t know what to do with. Or maybe you’re at a building construction site that is constantly swamped with materials that need to be taken away from the area. Whether you are expanding your house or commercial property, there is an easier way to get rid of all the excess… hire a skip.

Here are five reasons why hiring a skip can help make things easier.

1- It’s Good For the Environment

When time is running out and you need to get rid of items or materials quickly, this can easily lead to less time spent sorting and recycling properly. Landfills continue to be the UK’s second used waste solution. Skip hires are more environmentally friendly because the companies recycle as much material as they can. Here at Bailey Skip Hire & Recycling Limited, our recycling rate is 97% so we ensure that materials are recycled properly.

2- It Saves You Time and Money

Finding a recycling centre and the journeys back and forth can take a substantial amount of time. Hiring a skip can reduce the time spent worrying about what to do with the items you do not need. If you have furniture or household items to get rid of, arranging individual pickups incur a high cost. On the other hand, a skip can be a much easier way to store and dispose of tree branches, unwanted appliances and materials.

3- Increased Safety

There may be hazardous chemicals that can be exposed from materials when renovating and removing items from a residential or commercial property. Keeping materials on-site could cause problems for people’s health so disposing of waste into a skip can limit exposure from such materials. Foul or strong odours can be a hazard to health, triggering or flaring up uncomfortable symptoms such as headaches and respiratory irritation. The safest bet is all these items, paints etc are removed from the premise.

4- Increased Convenience

Whether you’ve got garden waste filling your bins or that old sofa you have been dying to get rid of, large items can be difficult to move. Throwing it all in a skip can save you the stress of trying to fit the bulky item in your car or van to take it to the local tip. Arranging a collection from the local council can be costly or hiring somebody with a van to take items can be more hassle.

5- There Are a Range of skip sizes available

One shoe doesn’t fit all, nor does a skip. Depending on the individual needs, skips sizes are tailored to suit what is needed. A smaller skip for a house clear out or possibly an extra large-sized skip for a construction site. The larger the skip the higher the cost but skips can save you incurring any unexpected costs in the long run.

How Bailey’s Skip Hire and Recycling Can Help

We are happy to help with queries to ensure your residential or commercial property removes waste products safely and professionally. Our customer satisfaction rate is at 98% so we can assure you that we will always do our best to help you. If you need to hire a skip, remove hazardous waste or require site clearance assistance, please give us a call at 01536 743030 or email: skiphire.bailey@btconnect.com. 


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