How To Live More Sustainably In Northamptonshire

Limit single-use plastic

Start Making Sustainable Changes In Northamptonshire!

More and more people each day are realising that they could be doing more to create a more sustainable future. From recycling to saving energy usage across our home and workplaces, there are many different ways that we can be doing our bit for the planet. Just small changes in your everyday life can make a huge difference when we are all acting together. 

There are various eco-friendly businesses across Northamptonshire, and we are going to take some tips from them for how you can start living greener!

Limit Single-Use Plastic

We all know the threat that plastic is presenting to the planet. A huge impact of this is the high usage of single-use plastic ending up in landfills and filling up our oceans. This can be prevented by using containers that can be used over again, and going to refill stores where products accept this form of shopping. You may also find environmentally-friendly materials to use for your own packaging.

Grow Your Own Produce

Growing your own produce is a great way to reduce the amount of packaging used, and save food waste! It can be difficult to pick up food in stores that isn’t all wrapped in plastic, and having the ability to just pull it out the ground from a few steps away will reduce the need to use shops. This is the perfect way for you to reduce your carbon footprint, whilst buying food from stores has also travelled from miles and miles away and contributed to high levels of pollution.

Recycle & Reuse

For both homes and businesses, recycling is a huge must. Recycling everything you could in your kitchen recycling bins could power a TV for six months! Recycling saves a monumental amount of energy, whilst preserving natural resources and saving space in landfills. Eliminating these climate-changing carbon emissions and pollution is vital for the future.

Use Renewable Energy

Energy conservation means that less polluting toxins are released into the environment. Particularly, reducing air and water pollution whilst lowering greenhouse gas emissions on the planet. There are many ways that you can reduce your energy usage across homes and workplaces, such as investing in sensors or auto-switch off systems, using natural light, unplugging electronics and using LED lighting.

How Bailey’s Skip Hire Are Helping Northamptonshire Become More Sustainable

Is your business looking for a waste management team to collect and recycle your commercial waste? We recycle all of the waste collected that we possibly can (97%), and use any left-over: end of life waste to be converted into energy. This ensures that we are sending as little waste to landfill as possible and minimising both our carbon footprints on the planet. Whilst offering skip services across Northamptonshire, we have also run a clothing recycling scheme enabling locals to fill up bags with unwanted clothing for us to give to The Air Ambulance charity shops! This means that people can reuse their unwanted items rather than throwing them into bins.


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