5 Ways To Improve Your Business Recycling Rates

Business Recycling Rates

Boost Recycling Rates Across Your Organisation

As a business you have a duty to ensure recycling rates are kept at a high and minimal waste is sent to landfill. If you do not have a policy in place or staff are unaware of how to recycle at the workplace appropriately, you could be losing a huge amount of waste every day that could have alternatively been repurposed into new products.

To help your business boost recycling rates and create a greener workplace, we have provided our 5 top tips in the blog below. 

1. Conduct A Waste Audit

By conducting a waste audit, you can analyse your businesses waste stream and understand the different types of waste produced and amounts. This means that you can identify your waste problems by seeing exactly what you are throwing away incorrectly, and what is currently being recycled. Through these detailed results you are then able to categorise waste appropriately and make effective changes to your waste disposal process. You may even be welcomed by opportunities for new revenue streams from certain materials. 

2. Motivate Employees

Motivating employees to start recycling and raising this area of importance in meetings is a key way to boost recycling rates. When employees’ goals are aligned, colleagues will start to enforce each other to recycle and see this as a target for the whole organisation. You can even start holding activities surrounding recycling and offering rewards. 

3. Provide More Recycling Bins

Recycling can offen go amiss from something so simple, lack of recycling bins! When people see bins overflowing with waste, they may just jump to the next bin to quickly dispose of materials whilst busy at work. Having more bins available on your site or office will result in more space being available and individuals having no excuse to use them!

4. Signpost Waste Bins Clearly

Your business may have the consciousness to recycle, however, it can often be done incorrectly. Various coloured recycling bins can be confusing for many, and people might be segregating waste into the opposing bins. Having a clear poster placed above the bins with a bold list of the items that can be placed inside is a great way for people to understand exactly what they can place there.

5. Place Bins Appropriately

Now, you have enough recycling bins across the workplace… But are they all located away from the building? It can be handy to strategically place bins inside your office beside places where employees are likely to create waste, meaning that it can be easily placed into recycling bins. This may mean in the kitchen, by shredders, or beside printers.

Partner With A Waste Management Company

Partnering with a waste management company to collect all of your waste will ensure items are recycled and you are using a cost-effective service against multiple bin collectors. At Bailey’s Skip Hire, we offer commercial waste recycling services to businesses; covering general trade waste, cardboard, wood, metal & even hazardous waste materials.


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