Do Businesses Have To Recycle In The UK

Do Businesses Have To Recycle

Why Should Businesses Recycle?

Businesses creating recyclable waste should always be mindful of disposing of this waste sustainably. Recyclable materials should be dealt with correctly at a licensed recycling facility where they can be repurposed into new materials. 

It is your responsibility as a business to recycle various types of waste you may produce. If you want to handle the waste disposal yourself, you must register as a licensed waste carrier and fill out waste transfer notes

Recycling materials as a business comes with a range of benefits which we are going to discuss below. In the UK, businesses have duty of care requirements to dispose of waste responsibly. You can find a list of information from the Environment Agency here.

3 Reasons To Recycle Commercial Waste

  • Your Impact On The Environment

Whether you are producing general waste such as water bottles, trade waste, construction waste or hazardous items, you should dispose of all this waste safely. As a waste management company, we realise exactly what wrong disposal can do to our planet. 

Not recycling your waste materials means that rubbish can end up festering in landfill for years, polluting the earth and emitting harmful toxins into the atmosphere. This can speed up global warming, damage habitats and kill wildlife. 

If you are a business producing large quantities of waste regularly, you can have a huge impact on the environment. Setting up a recycling scheme for waste collection and disposal means that items can be recycled safely and you can reduce your carbon footprint. 

  • Create A New Revenue Stream

If you are filling up rubbish and recycling bins and creating bulk loads of waste, you can even be offered rebates for materials. This opens up a new revenue stream for businesses whilst creating a sustainable company. Depending on the quantity, you can often be offered large sums of money for the waste and save money in the process. 

Waste balers can help you with preparing materials for collections, and also create easier storage. This equipment is used to compress waste down into compact blocks that can then be tied together using baling wire or strapping. Having the machine on your premises will also reduce labour time spent organising and sorting your waste.

  • Attract A Wider Audience

Especially in recent years, the need to create a greener planet has become more important than ever. People are finally realising exactly how much our world is being impacted by our wrong disposal of waste.

Creating a recycling plan and ensuring sustainability across the company can attract a wider audience from admiration and desire to invest in a green business. This has been proven in multiple industries and could be your gateway to more customers or clients.

Recycle Your Business Waste With Bailey’s Skip Hire

At Bailey’s Skip Hire we offer commercial waste recycling services for businesses across the Northamptonshire area. We are assisting our clients by providing an efficient and professional collection and recycling service, dealing with waste at our licensed recycling centre. The service is highly cost effective, and can be scheduled on a regular or ad-hoc basis. Simply get in touch with our friendly team to find out more and receive your quote.

Please note, we do not provide disposal services for food waste. 


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