Who Invented The Skip?

Who invented the skip

The Skip Invention

You may have heard the question ‘Who invented the skip?’ be asked during a radio show episode of I’m Alan Partridge, and have no answers cleared up by the comedian. Well, stress no more… We have the answer!

The Skip Was Invented By Edwin Walker

The skip was invented by Edwin Walker in 1922 who worked as an employee of a lorry manufacturer called Pagefield. This idea sparked from finding an alternative to the horse drawn cart for the waste disposal of materials which quickly filled up and required multiple trips to and from waste sites.

How Was The Skip Created?

Edwin had a meeting with a borough engineer where they discussed the issue of transporting waste to the landfill site. The solution found was a horse drawn skip, which could hold the capacity of approximately 100 bin bags. This was then hauled using a Pagefield lorry to be transported to the disposal site.

Modern Skip Hire Services

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