Good Luck Jordan Vucenic!

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Good Luck Jordan Vucenic!

It’s Corby’s Vucenic’s title fight today at Cage Warriors. We want to wish him a huge good luck (not that it’s needed) for today’s event taking place at The Indigo 02 in London. 

The Champion Jordan Vucenic has gone 5-0 in his last 5 MMA fights, and he is stepping into the cage tonight on a six-fight winning streak; winning the Cage Warriors featherweight belt in his last fight against Morgan Charriere.

Cage Warriors 134 Event

Originally, Vucenic had planned to fight Paul Hughes in a rematch after beating him back at Cage Warriors 119, however his opponent had to withdraw due to a neck injury. Instead, James Hendin has stepped in to fight at the Cage Warriors 134 Main Event.

As a sponsor and local from Corby, we wish him all the best for the fight and hope to see his streak still standing strong tomorrow!

Jordan vucenic


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