Commercial Recycling – What Your Business Can And Can’t Recycle

What your business can recycle

The Importance Of Commercial Recycling

As a business, disposing of your commercial waste sustainably is key to limiting your damage on the planet, whilst unlocking more clients for your business. It is estimated that over 2.1 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste (MSW) are generated globally each year, and will only grow due to the pace at which we are producing new products. This means that recycling is the number one solution to slow down the rate at which waste is being disposed of and raw materials are being used. In this article, we are going to help push businesses to start recycling, by providing a list of commercial waste that you can recycle effectively.

What CAN You Recycle?

Cardboard Waste

Corrugated cardboard has a high recycling rate of 84% in the UK, with paper reaching around 80%. However, the large percentage left is having a major impact on our environments. When these materials find their way into landfill, they emit methane as they break down, which is 23 times more harmful than carbon dioxide on the planet. 

If you are a business that is generating large amounts of cardboard or paper waste, recycling of these materials will help to slow down global warming, whilst saving raw materials such as trees being cut down for production.

Plastic Waste

The world is currently waking up to the major effect plastic waste is having on the planet, whether that be single-use by consumers or larger waste generated from businesses. There are now 5.25 trillion macro and micro pieces of plastic in our ocean, and these numbers are only growing day by day. 

When you start an effective waste management scheme for your plastic commercial waste, you will help to deduct the amount floating in our oceans and festering in landfills. At Bailey’s Skip Hire, we are able to collect your plastic waste and transport it to licensed recycling facilities, ensuring you are doing your bit to cut your carbon footprint and save marine life.

Hazardous Waste

Many people are unsure how to deal with hazardous waste appropriately, and safely. These wastes can have extremely harmful effects on the environment if disposed of incorrectly, therefore it is vital to find assistance from specialists to collect and recycle the waste for you. 

When you recycle your hazardous waste, you will help to protect wildlife, burn less fossil fuels, reduce emissions and reduce the use of raw materials. As well as the environmental benefits, Bailey’s hazardous waste recycling service will also save you high disposal costs.

Metal Waste

The metal waste recycling rate reached 46.2% in 2019 in the UK, with over 80 million aluminium and steel cans sent to UK landfills every day. This type of waste takes around 200-500 years to fully degrade in landfill, slowly emitting toxins and polluting the world. 

If you are a business generating large amounts of metal waste, recycling will help to save a monumental amount of energy used in the making of metals from raw materials. You will also limit damage to the environment; specifically during quarrying and mining. 

Wood Waste

Wood waste can be difficult for organisations to store and transport. This may be from the form of large quantities of tiny chips, or large heavy pieces.

When partnering with a waste management company such as Bailey’s however, we can take care of the whole process for you.

Recycling wood waste involves shredding down the material into appropriate sizing during the recycling process, depending on its future product life. This wood waste is often repurposed into furniture, meaning that the rate of deforestation can be slowed down and habitats saved from further damage. 

Contact Bailey’s Skip Hire For Your Commercial Recycling

At Bailey’s Skip Hire, we specialise in commercial recycling for all of the waste materials above, whether they be mixed or segregated. We are able to collect, transport, and recycle all of these items, whilst also providing recycling containers to help you store and segregate waste items if required. Get in touch with our team today on if you are looking for a reliable and efficient recycling service. 


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