How To Dispose Of Garden Soil

How To Dispose Of Garden Soil

Disposing Of Garden Soil The Right Way

Garden waste such as soil can be a big part of the waste needing to be disposed of during landscaping projects. Whether you are creating a new flower bed, growing plants, building a patio or just taking on a small DIY project, excess soil may play a huge role in the job at hand.

Although the amount of soil may be large, the job of disposing of it doesn’t need to be! If you hire a skip you can have your unwanted soil ready to collect and dispose of by your hire company. The skip hire service will make your life easier when managing various waste materials, and can then be transported to a disposal or recycling facility to ensure the green waste can be repurposed. This means your project is environmentally friendly whilst efficient and cost-effective.

What Are The Different Ways You Could Dispose Of Garden Soil?


  • Skip Hire & Hippobags

Having a skip to hand makes it simple and easy to load soil into a container and keep it stored safely once the collection day arrives.

  • Advertise to your community

Garden enthusiasts and businesses are often looking for soil for their own projects. They can then use your soil for their own work whilst clearing it out the way for you at no cost!

  • Re-use it for another project

Maybe some flower pots need new soil, or another flower bed could be created. Looking for other areas you can make use of the soil is a great way to act sustainably.

  • Waste clearance service

Waste clearance services are able to come and collect your old soil and remove it from your property or business. They can usually collect a variety of waste materials along with your soil.


What Skip Sizes Are Best For Soil?

Your chosen skip will depend on the size of the garden project and the mix of waste you are looking to dispose of. At Bailey’s Skip Hire, we offer various sizes of skips for soil disposal ranging from the 2 cubic yard mini skip all the way up to 16 cubic yards. We also offer huge industrial and commercial skips at 20-40 cubic yards. With the variety of options, our customers can always find what they need to suit the requirements of their project. 

How Does The Soil Removal Service Work?

When hiring a skip with us, we are able to deliver the container and collect it along with its contents to safely dispose of the materials. Our specialist team use the most eco-friendly recycling and disposal methods available so that your household or company minimises its environmental footprint. This makes us stand out to our customers and gives them peace of mind that the waste recycling process is in full force with any materials appropriate. 

Our skip and waste collection will be arranged around a time that suits you, and we may even be able to offer same-day delivery and collection subject to availability and your location. If you are in need of garden skip hire then get in touch with our team today and we can get your project started! 


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