How To Dispose Of Bricks

brick disposal

An Efficient Guide For Disposing Of Rubble & Bricks

Are you undertaking a construction or renovation project and dealing with leftover bricks? We have a solution.

Bricks, a common construction waste, are bulky. They need proper waste removal. But how? That’s where Bailey’s Skip Hire & Recycling comes in. We provide a range of skip sizes for construction projects. Meaning no matter how big or small your work, we have you covered for brick disposal.

Should I Take It To The Centre?

For small amounts of bricks and rubble, local household waste recycling centres may be able to help. These centres accept a variety of building materials. But, it’s time-consuming. And, if the quantity is too much, it becomes impractical.

Fly Tipping: Not An Option

You might be tempted to get rid of waste quickly. But don’t resort to fly tipping. It’s illegal, harmful to the environment, and a public nuisance. Always choose the right disposal method.

Use a Skip To Dispose Of Bricks

For large amounts of construction waste, skip hire is the answer. It’s a safe, easy, and efficient way to dispose of bricks. It’s as simple as filling up the skip with your bricks and rubble. We handle the rest.

There is one important thing to remember: Don’t overfill your skip. Overfilling can be hazardous. Make sure the rubble in a skip stays below the fill line.

Can Bricks Be Recycled?

Yes, bricks can absolutely be recycled! Brick recycling is not only possible but also very beneficial to the environment and economy.

When bricks are recycled, they are typically crushed down to a smaller size. This crushed brick, also known as brick aggregate, can be reused in various construction and landscaping projects. 

For instance, it can serve as a base material for roads and pavements, backfill for retaining walls, or even as decorative mulch in landscaping projects.

Hire A Skip For Construction Waste

With Bailey’s Skip Hire, you can get rid of construction waste quickly, legally, and without any hassle. So, for any brick disposal needs, consider hiring a skip. It’s convenient, effective and affordable. 

We cater to customers across the Northamptonshire area, whether that be domestic or commercial. Providing a range of skip sizes, we can cater to any of your requirements. Get in touch today to book your skip delivery and recycle materials.


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