How Is Wood Recycled?

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The Wood Recycling Process

Did you know that in the UK alone, every year five million tonnes of waste wood is generated? Now, what if we told you that this ‘waste’ doesn’t need to be waste at all, but could instead fuel an environmentally friendly energy source or create cosy animal bedding?

It may sound like a story straight out of a fairy-tale, but here at Bailey’s Skip Hire & Recycling, we’re bringing that tale to life every day!

Let’s explore how wood is recycled and exciting creations from this recycled material.

Journey of Waste Timber to Treasure

Every piece of waste timber that ends up in our skips embarks on an extraordinary recycling journey. The first stop is our cutting-edge recycling centre. Here, the sorting and segregating process begins. Using high-tech equipment and a skilled team, we meticulously sort waste wood based on its type, size, and level of contamination.

Sorting and segregation are not just technical jargon; they’re the keystones in achieving high-quality recycling output. The level of contamination plays a crucial role in determining the usability of waste timber. We believe that each piece of timber deserves a second life, but its potential reuse is only as good as its cleanliness.

Class Act: Grading the Waste Wood

Once sorted, the waste wood goes through a rigorous grading process. The result? Each piece of wood is earmarked for a specific afterlife. The grade of the waste wood dictates if it will cosy up in a horse stable or power up a biomass boiler. The waste timber you throw away today could be warming up your homes or providing a fluffy bed for animals tomorrow.

Wood Chipping: A Chop-chop Affair!

After grading, it’s time for the timber to take a trip through our wood chippers. And it’s not just any trip—it’s a transformation. The wood chips produced are not just tiny fragments of wood; they’re the future of energy and comfort.

Waste Wood Reimagined: Animal Bedding and Energy Source

At Bailey’s Skip Hire & Recycling, we give waste timber a new lease on life by turning it into snug and hygienic bedding for animals. This remarkable transformation shows how recycling can breathe life into a range of new products.

Low-grade chips, on the other hand, find their purpose in biomass boilers. These boilers are an integral part of sustainable energy production. The chipped wood, once considered waste, becomes a valuable, environmentally friendly fuel source. What better way to embrace green energy than to literally turn waste into warmth?

Dispose of Wood Waste With Our Skips

We are a skip hire business championing a sustainable and green future. Our recycling process reflects our commitment to the environment. Proving that with a little innovation and a lot of dedication, we can make a world of difference.

So the next time you have waste wood to dispose of, remember, it’s not the end of its life. With our help, it’s just the beginning.

Our waste management team also provides commercial recycling services, collecting bulk loads of waste. This may include wood, plastics, metals, construction materials, and more. Contact us today to find out more about our range of services.


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