How Does Recycling Affect A Business?

How Does Recycling Affect A Business?

How Does Recycling Affect A Business?

It has been estimated that around 42 million tonnes of waste from the commercial and industrial sectors are produced each year in the UK. Whilst some of this business waste is being recycled, much of it is having major impacts on the environment when being disposed of incorrectly. As a business generating large amounts of waste, it is your responsibility to ensure that recyclable materials are being repurposed back into new products, enabling items to be used time and time again in the industry. 

With the impact waste is having on the planet becoming clearer to us across the world, many organisations are switching their work & waste model to boost their green credentials and act in a more environmentally-friendly manner. These businesses making this change are raking in the financial benefits, whilst deducting the damage they are having on the world.

What Are The Environmental Benefits Of Businesses Recycling?

Sending waste to landfill has frightening effects on our planet’s future. The pollution that builds up in these mountains enters our environments, toxicating soils and water. This not only harms the world, but also wildlife and our own health. Whilst these waste materials break down, greenhouse gas is also created and released into the atmosphere. These emissions from the waste sector mainly comprise of methane, with the remainder (10%) from waste water treatment and incineration of waste. 

When your business starts recycling waste, you will not only reduce waste polluting our environments, but also save raw materials and natural resources from being used in the production of products. This is a huge benefit of recycling, reducing the demand for damage being done on the natural world. This is one reason why recycling is important, we are running out of these vital resources, and can save both them and energy being used to create these products.

What Are The Financial Benefits Of Businesses Recycling?

Many businesses don’t know this, but they can also benefit financially from recycling waste. Landfill tax is one deduction you can take off your list of costs when having your waste collected and taken to licensed recycling facilities. This cost is going up and up, and can be saved with an efficient collection in place for your recycling. With the help of Bailey’s Skip Hire, you will be able to save time managing your waste with multiple bin collectors, and focus on areas of the business that matter most to you.  

Your environmental and social responsibility will also be recognised when creating a greener company. The business benefit of this is having the admiration of potential clients. Each year, more people are understanding the importance of caring for the world, and are becoming increasingly passionate about working with people who are contributing to this. People want to put their money into something that will have a positive impact on the world around them, which will be clear with your new recycling program.

Through managing your waste with an eco-friendly approach, you will also have an edge on your competitors. This may spark a desire in other organisations to start responsibly dealing with waste, to catch up with how businesses around them are acting. The huge knock-on effect of this will save a monumental amount of waste piling up in landfill and polluting the planet.

Start Your Commercial Recycling With Bailey’s Skip Hire

At Bailey’s Skip Hire, we specialise in commercial recycling and provide a total waste management service for businesses. Whether you are looking at recycling paper, cardboard, wood, metal, or hazardous waste, we are able to collect and recycle it all. If you have trouble managing your waste at the location, we also offer a skip hire service and waste compactors to help with storing your materials prior to collections. The compactors will enable you to secure and reduce the size of your waste, meaning that less collections will need to take place and further reducing your costs.

The positive impacts of sustainably approaching your waste management are endless for businesses, and each organisation should have a recycling partner in place to ensure that their waste is safely dealt with.


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