Do Skip Hire Companies Recycle?

Do Skip Hire Companies Recycle?

You’ve probably walked past a skip and may or may not have wondered what skip hire companies do with the waste materials? Do skip hire companies recycle? Where does all the rubbish go? In this blog, you will learn about what happens when the skips are taken away.

Whether this has crossed your mind or not, knowing what waste management companies do with the different types of waste could even give you some inspiration on how to recycle and what to do with your own domestic or commercial scrap materials.

Working on a building project or clearing out your overgrown garden can accumulate a large amount of waste and people may not have the time to correctly dispose of waste materials. Also, you would miss out on spending loads of money on landfill tax, which is calculated by weight. 

The Process of Recycling from Skip Hire Companies

Recycling is always the best option to prevent large amounts of products and materials from ending up in landfill sites. However, the piles of rubbish in landfills continue to grow so waste management companies will be trying to take the waste to the appropriate recycling facility. 

Hiring a skip is more than just getting rid of waste materials. The actions that follow include collecting, sorting and recycling the different types of waste. The extent of recycling will vary depending on the skip hire company. For example, at Bailey’s Skip Hire and Recycling, the recycling rate is 97%. So very little actually ends up in the landfills and we hope to keep it that way. 

After collecting skips, waste management companies like ours will separate the materials, garden waste, scrap metal etc and ensure that waste disposal is done ethically and as sustainable as possible. The reasons this is important will be discussed below.

Do Skip Hire Companies Actually Recycle and Why Is It Important?

Do skip hire companies recycle? Well, yes and always should where possible. The idea still stands that it is important to recycle as much as possible. The percentage of household recycling in England has increased over the years to around 45% in 2019/20, which almost reaches the EU’s recycling goals to reach 50% of waste recycled by 2020. However, this could be improved. Hiring a skip can help to increase the amount of waste being sent to the correct recycling facility. Recycling companies manufacture products back into new products or packaging which is great for the environment.

Due to the landfill tax and inconvenience, there is an increasing concern of fly-tipping around the UK, rubbish being dumped on streets and public highways. So, it can be useful to have a large space for accessible and sustainable waste disposal… a skip. 

How to Find The Perfect Skip Company That Recycles

Make sure to do your research! Check to see what skip hire companies recycle the most in your area if you want to be sure that your materials end up in the most eco-friendly place. 

Read customer reviews online or ask the skip hire company directly what their recycling rate is or ask what they do with the scrap waste after it has been taken away. These are the main things to do to make sure you are sustainably getting rid of your waste and efficiently spending your money on a reputable company that you can trust to take care of your waste disposal needs. Read our blog post on how we recycle your waste.

How Bailey’s Can Help

Do skip hire companies recycle? As a waste management specialist and skip hire company based in Northamptonshire, we are proud to say that we do recycle.  We always try to take items to the right recycling facility so that items do not end up in landfill sites.

The local council may not always collect your waste, depending on the amount or types of waste such as large furniture and garden waste, which councils do not have to collect. Large items and garden waste often incur a fee so you would need to check with your local council. 

On the other hand, these types of waste could be put in a skip or removed with our assistance. There are different sizes of skips depending on the amount of waste you may accumulate. If you need help with waste disposal or have any questions, feel free to contact us. Or read one of our latest blog posts for more information.


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