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Christmas Recycling

How To Deal With Your Christmas Recycling

As Christmas approaches, many of us are wondering how we can make a clean home ready to enter the new year. Disposing of your Christmas recycling and other materials doesn’t have to be a big job, and with Bailey’s Skip Hire we can make the process quick and easy. Check out this blog to find out more on our skip hire service for your Christmas waste.

Hire A Skip For Your Christmas Recycling

Our small 2 yard mini skip is perfect for your Christmas recycling and other materials you are looking to clear out. This means after Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day you can have a clean house leaving the festive period. Whether you are looking to recycle wrapping paper, dispose of garden waste, or throw away gift tags, we have you covered. 

According to Wildlife and Countryside link, around 114,000 tonnes of plastic packaging will be thrown away and not recycled in the UK this Christmas. This is why its so important to dispose of your waste sustainably.

What Can I Dispose Of In Your Skip?

Rather than overflowing waste bins and recycling bins, or creating clutter in the house, why not get rid of a bulk load of unwanted waste at once? This is where a skip is the perfect choice. Below is a list of materials you can use our skips for this Christmas:

  • Paper and card, such as cardboard boxes 
  • Small electrical items such as microwaves, not TVs and monitors
  • Garden waste
  • Fake and real christmas trees
  • Clothes and other textiles
  • Packaging
  • Wood
  • Metals
  • Plastics and general household waste.

The Benefits Of Using Our Skip Hire Service For Christmas Recycling

During the festive season, many people have a large quantity of waste, or are simply looking to jump into the new year with a fresh home. This is where hiring an affordable skip is so handy. We can have the container delivered to your home and collected quickly, recycling all the materials where possible. The waste will be transported to our local recycling centre for further repurposing into new products. 

This saves you multiple trips to and from household waste recycling centres, which takes up time and transportation costs. If you only have a small amount of materials to dispose of, such as clothes, you could also take them to a local charity shop.

Hire A Skip For The Festive Period With Us

Whether you are wanting to recycle Christmas cards, packaging, Christmas trees or have a general clean up we are your first choice. We offer multiple skip sizes at affordable prices for customers across the Northamptonshire area. 

Take the stress away from cleaning this Christmas and have a skip on hand to help. You can book a skip online easily with our new system and have it delivered when needed. We also provide commercial recycling services if you are a business looking to dispose of bulk loads of materials.

Please note, we do not deal with food waste at our waste management business. Please use your local disposal service for this waste.


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