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Wellingborough Recycling Centre - Domestic & Commercial

Bailey’s Skip Hire provides waste and recycling services for businesses and households across Wellingborough. No project is too big or small; whether you have a few waste materials left over from a home project, or large aggregates and items from construction, we cater to it all. When using our Wellingborough recycling centre, we provide both drop-offs for skips and collections! You can skip the long wait in queues and time travelling to and from other household waste recycling centres, with our friendly team taking on all of your waste management. 


The waste materials we are able to collect and sustainably dispose of include plastic, cardboard, metals, wood, aggregates, hazardous items and other general waste. Through our skip hire service, you can keep on track with your projects knowing that the waste is being handled. We can even obtain a permit from your local council for placement of your skip, taking the stress away from organising other documents. When we collect the waste, it will be taken through the full recycling process for every material possible, with leftover waste being converted into energy.

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We Provide Dedicated Recycling Containers

Baileys offers multiple waste recycling containers for specific waste streams. We also offer waste compactors, ideal for businesses producing large amounts of waste. The equipment will help compact the waste, helping reduce the number of collections by saving space and reducing costs.

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Bailey's Skip Hire and Recycling

We provide waste management and recycling services.

Benefits Of Using Our Wellingborough Recycling Centre Services

When using our Wellingborough waste management service, you can rest knowing each waste material dealt with will be disposed of sustainably. This means that you are sending less to landfill sites, and reducing the impact of further pollution on the planet. Each material recycled will save raw material from being used, meaning that we can cut back on carbon emissions and reduce our carbon footprint together.

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