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Baileys Skip Hire and Recycling provide reliable and hassle-free commercial waste disposal and treatment. Our total waste management company collects a wide range of trade waste types, and treats them efficiently and reliably. We provide business waste bins for every occasion and type of waste. We offer 10 skip sizes, each suited to a different project. Furthermore, Baileys provide both segregated and mixed waste bins, so whatever the job, you can find a skip which will collect your waste perfectly.

Here at Baileys we pride ourselves on our flexibility. We offer same day delivery and collections, getting your waste removed with minimal disruptions. We also offer ad hoc and scheduled commercial waste collections. Our ADR certified waste carrier drivers will collect your waste as and when you need them.Our friendly customer service team will answer any questions you have about the services we offer. Our team has a combined experience of 20 years in waste management, so no question will go unanswered! We can even help you obtain a skip permit if you are placing the skip on public property. We ensure full transparency with each of our clients. That is why we provide a waste transfer note and detailed records of our interaction with each client.

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Our Commercial Waste Disposal and Treatment Service

Our commercial waste disposal service collects a huge range of waste types. This includes cardboard, plastic, aggregates, food waste, wood, garden waste, and hazardous waste. Whatever the project, we can collect and dispose of your waste with efficiency and reliability.
Once we collect your waste, it is returned to our recycling centre, where large waste items are electronically picked from the waste piles. From here, we transfer smaller waste items to our Materials Recycling Facility (MRF). The MRF sorts the waste into waste streams and sent to treatment centres across the UK.

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We provide waste management and recycling services.
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Why use a commercial waste disposal service?

Disposing of your waste with a certified company provides a range of benefits for your business. At Baileys, not only is our service efficient and hassle-free, but it helps improve your business’ reputation as an ethical company. Baileys ensure to keep landfill waste to a minimum by recycling over 97% of the waste we collect. We have a duty of care for the environment and its inhabitants, saving around 70,000 tonnes of waste per year from improper disposal. Our practices are in line with the UK environment agency guidelines.

Sending recyclable waste to landfill sites can have disastrous impacts on the environment. Toxic waste can leak from the sites, harming the surrounding environment and the wildlife in it. If waste makes its way into water streams, landfills can also impact local agriculture. Furthermore, landfills release methane gas which contributes to global warming.

Acknowledging the impact that your waste can have on the environment, and striving to change it, is a crucial way for businesses to improve its reputation. Using a reliable and certified commercial waste disposal company will show potential clients that you are an ethical and reliable company with strong CSR. This can help you reach new clients, create stronger relationships, and improve sales.

Our Waste Compactor Service

For businesses creating large amounts of waste, we also offer waste compactor skips. These can hold much more waste than a regular skip, compressing the waste as it enters the bin. Compactor skips reduce the number of collections needed, helping to keep costs low.

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