Can You Put Furniture In A Skip

Can You Put Furniture In A Skip

Whether you’re clearing out your home, refurbishing a property, or doing an office clear-out, the question often arises: “Can you put furniture in a skip?” The answer is yes, you certainly can. However, there are some exceptions and considerations to keep in mind.

What Furniture Can You Put In A Skip?

Most skip hire services will accept many types of furniture in a skip, including chairs, tables, wardrobes, sofas, and other pieces of furniture. However, furniture containing persistent organic pollutants (POPs), are prohibited. 

POPs are harmful to human health and the environment and require special disposal processes. It’s always best to check with your local council or the skip hire service if you’re uncertain about a particular item. Domestic upholstered furniture will need to be kept separate during the process.

When To Consider Other Options

While it’s possible to put furniture in a skip, if your furniture is in good condition, you might want to consider donating it instead. Many charity shops, such as the British Heart Foundation, welcome donations of good-quality furniture and may even offer a collection service.

For those items that are not in a suitable condition for reuse but can still be recycled, you might want to consider taking them to your local recycling centre. Many centres have specific facilities for recycling various types of furniture, ensuring they are processed in an environmentally friendly way.

Benefits Of Using A Skip Hire Service For Furniture

Choosing to hire a skip for your furniture disposal has numerous benefits:

  1. Convenience: A skip hire service provides a convenient and efficient way of getting rid of items. The skip is delivered to your location, and once you’ve filled it, the company will collect and dispose of the contents.
  2. Capacity: Skips come in various sizes, so whether you’re disposing of a single piece of furniture or clearing out an entire property, there’s a skip that will suit your needs. Just remember not to exceed the fill line on the skip to ensure safe transportation.
  3. Time-saving: Disposing of furniture can be time-consuming, particularly if you have multiple items or large pieces to get rid of. With a skip, you can dispose of everything at once, saving multiple trips to the local tip or recycling centre.
  4. Environmental Responsibility: Many skip hire companies are committed to reducing landfill waste. They will sort through the contents of the skip, salvaging items for reuse or recycling wherever possible.

You can put small amounts of furniture in our skips, providing they don’t contain harmful materials like POPs and are not damaged. Always check with your skip hire service if you’re unsure.

If the furniture is in good condition, you may consider giving it away or selling to the public. But for convenience and ease, a skip hire service is an excellent option for disposing of small amounts of furniture responsibly.


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