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Baileys waste disposal service provides an efficient and reliable total waste management for business or household waste throughout Corby and Northamptonshire. We ensure that waste is removed safely and securely no matter the business sector. Bailey’s collects all types of waste created from commercial activity and our wide range of skip sizes ensures that we can tackle any task, no matter how difficult the project is. With our excellent customer service we offer same day delivery, scheduled collection slots, or ad-hoc pickups, depending on your business requirements. 

Our skips are ideal for business use with our friendly team here to advise you on our sizable range which includes open and enclosed containers best suited for the needs of your project. Mass scale waste disposal for businesses can cause unnecessary damage to our environment as a great deal of the waste has the potential to be recycled. Baileys offers mixed and dedicated containers and is able to recycle 97% of the waste removed; this includes; cardboard, wood, metal, aggregate, and even hazardous waste. With official waste carriers licences and waste transfer reports available, we can ensure you that all legal documents are taken care of.

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How Bailey’s Business Waste Disposal Works

After Bailey’s collects your waste, the team will transport your waste to our fully licensed facility with the Environment Agency. Here we sort the waste and recycling into different categories, as each type of waste will need a different recycling solution. The large pieces of waste are removed by a mechanical pick. This includes; cardboard, large plastics, wood, and metal. The smaller items such as general waste & recyclables are sent to our Materials Recycling Facility (MRF). At this facility, the team manually divides materials to dispose of waste effectively. The divided waste is then placed into streams which are then sent off to be recycled externally. We put effort into disposing of the residual waste from that part and recycling them too. Residual waste is converted into energy, formally known as Refuse Derived Fuel. This energy is used to fuel plants across Europe. Baileys ensures that 70,000 tonnes of collected waste is recycled per year.

Importance Of Environmentally-Friendly Business Waste Disposal

Using commercial waste collections like Bailey’s is important when you run your business and for the environment. Baileys Skip Hire can help you make environmentally conscious decisions and cut down your costs. Mass scale waste disposal is an expensive process which leaves general waste that could be recycled in landfill sites. Landfills may be the traditional method of waste management, but the consequences of the waste polluting our environment and increasing greenhouse gasses is a well known problem. Recycling your waste is the key solution used to tackle this ethical issue, and Bailey’s specialises in providing environmentally friendly solutions. Disposal of all the waste we collect use methods that keep the protection of the environment in mind. By choosing Baileys as your waste carrier, you will cut costs in waste disposal, reduce your impact on landfill, and you can potentially increase your profits too. Baileys offers rebates on certain materials depending on their volume. Get in touch today to request a quote for your business or as part of your home waste disposal.

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