What Is A RORO Skip?

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When it comes to managing bulky waste, large skips are your best option. This is where the RORO skip provides the best solution. The ginormous container can handle vast amounts of waste materials, and is perfect for industrial or commercial projects.

What does RORO mean? 

RORO stands for “roll on roll off”. Simply put, RORO skips are ideal for projects that generate a large volume of waste. Think large construction projects or sites that have high volume needs. These containers allow businesses to clear large quantities of waste quickly and safely from sites.

Size Matters 

Typically starting from 20 yards, these enormous containers can handle tonnes of waste at a go. So, if you’re dealing with quantities of non-hazardous waste that would overwhelm multiple skips, a RORO skip is the way to go. At Bailey’s Skip Hire, our largest skip includes the 40 yard skip for hire.

Why Should you consider hiring a roro skip?

Cost-Effective: Roll off skip hire can be more cost-effective than hiring multiple smaller skips. The reason? You’re consolidating your waste, which reduces pick-up frequency.

Environmental Bonus: Handling large amounts of waste in an environmentally friendly manner can be challenging. But with RORO skips, waste management becomes efficient and eco-friendly. We recycle all the waste contents from our skips.

Convenience: Thanks to their size, these skips can produce a smooth waste disposal method and streamline the process.

The real benefits of RORO skips is not just about size; it’s about efficiency. Here are some tangible benefits of roro skips:

  • High Capacity: Perfect for high volume sites or places where large quantities of waste accumulate.
  • Versatility: Suitable for both commercial and residential needs.
  • Saves Time: Instead of coordinating the logistics of multiple skips, hire a roll off skip that does the job of several.

Ideal Applications RORO Skips Are Ideal For:

  • Large construction projects that generate a wide range of waste materials.
  • Facilities that process or handle large volumes of waste regularly.
  • Projects aiming for a more environmentally friendly waste management approach.

Hire Your RORO Skip

If your project is expected to produce a large volume of waste, consider roll off skips roro. Their cost-effective nature, combined with their eco-friendliness and sheer capacity, makes them a top choice for those in the know.

Remember, whether you’re dealing with bulky waste, or simply need a waste solution that’s efficient and reliable, Bailey’s Skip Hire & Recycling has you covered. Our wide range of options ensures that whatever your needs, we’ve got a solution.


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