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A cost-effective and friendly recycling service throughout Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

Business & Household Waste Recycling Centre
In Wellingborough

Baileys Skip Hire and Recycling offers the perfect solution for your domestic and commercial waste disposal needs. If you are a household or business completing a project that results in waste, then hiring a skip is your best option. This ensures waste is recycled at our Wellingborough recycling centre, whilst saving you trips to and from the Northamptonshire county council recycling facility. 

Customers love this service as they can avoid queues and juggling opening times, with 0 fuel costs. We pride ourselves on giving Wellingborough homes a hassle free service.

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Business Waste Recycling Centre

For businesses, we also offer a total waste disposal and recycling service. Bailey’s provides an efficient and rapid skip hire service. Whether your company requires a long-term on-site skip, or a one-off waste collection. 

Managing waste and recycling is in Bailey’s DNA; we have over 20 years of experience. Save time for your business needs and let us handle your waste and recycling.

Why Choose us

Leading company in the recycling and waste sector

98% Customer Satisfaction Rate

Fast collection service

97% percent recycling rate


Recycle Waste In Wellingborough & Become More Environmentally Conscious

Using our recycling centre is essential for both the environment and your business. We recycle over 97% of the waste that comes into our skips. Without using a recycling service you face the threat of materials ending up in landfill sites. Here, waste can have a dier impact on our planet through harmful toxins and pollution. 

By recycling your waste with our Wellingborough recycling centre, we can help cut your carbon footprint. Not only does this contribute to saving the planet, but also help build your businesses reputation.

Contact Our Wellingborough Recycling Centre

Bailey’s offers a range of skips for your recycling needs. This varies from 2 – 40 yards, giving you an option for every occasion. We also offer waste compactors which eliminate air voids by compressing the waste as you fill the skip. This helps reduce collection costs, as you can fit more waste weight into one container. 

Our Wellingborough recycling service collects a range of materials including plastic, cardboard, hazardous waste, aggregate, wood, and metal. Get in touch with our friendly team today to organise your commercial waste collection or order a skip. The process is quick and easy, and we will have your waste removed and recycled in no time.

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