Showcasing Cutting-Edge Technology During Visit from Local MP Tom Pursglove

MP Tom Pursglove visits Baileys Skip Hire and Recycling in Northamptonshire

Baileys Skip Hire and Recycling, a leading waste management company in Corby, was delighted to host a visit from our local Member of Parliament, Tom Pursglove, on Friday, 8th March. The purpose of the visit was to provide Mr. Pursglove with an in-depth tour of our state-of-the-art facilities, with a special focus on our innovative sorting machine.

The highlight of the tour was the demonstration of our impressive sorting machine, which exemplifies the seamless integration of advanced technology and human expertise in the recycling process. Mr. Pursglove had the opportunity to witness firsthand the intricate workings of our advanced sorting line, gaining valuable insights into how this technology has significantly elevated recycling and recovery rates for locally collected waste.

At Baileys Skip Hire and Recycling, we take pride in our commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible waste management. The substantial investment made in our advanced sorting infrastructure reflects our dedication to efficiently sorting and recovering waste, ultimately preventing it from being deposited in landfills. This investment underscores our mission to contribute positively to the local community and the broader environmental landscape.

“We were honoured to have Mr. Pursglove visit our facilities and witness the transformative impact of our advanced sorting technology,” said Levi Robinson, General Manager at Baileys Skip Hire and Recycling. “This technology represents a crucial step forward in our ongoing efforts to enhance recycling and recovery rates, aligning with our commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.”

Baileys Skip Hire and Recycling remains steadfast in our commitment to environmental stewardship and looks forward to continuing our collaboration with local leaders, stakeholders, and community members to drive positive change in waste management practices.


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