Bailey’s Skip Hire & Recycling Showcases New Sorting Line

Bailey’s Skip Hire & Recycling New Sorting Line

Bailey’s Skip Hire & Recycling instructed CRS NI LTD to design and build a new sorting line to treat their recyclable waste in Northamptonshire. This centre has allowed the skip hire and recycling business to increase recycling and recovery rates for the East Midlands, ultimately diverting waste from landfill and reducing the environmental impact associated with waste disposal.

How The Sorting Line Has Increased Recycling Rates

The facility has enabled Bailey’s Skip Hire & Recycling to increase the volume of waste they can process and provide an enhanced recovery rate. This enhanced recovery process has increased the recycling rate of many different waste types.

The new system includes air separating, optical sorters, magnets and screeners that sort and separate different materials. Once this process is complete, the recyclables can be sent for onward processing by specialist material recyclers.

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Why Is This Important For The Environment?

By significantly enhancing the sorting process for recyclables, Bailey’s Skip Hire & Recycling is contributing to a reduction in landfill waste, conserving valuable resources, and decreasing the carbon footprint of businesses they work with. This in turn results in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and the conservation of energy.

By streamlining the recycling process and optimising the recovery of recyclable materials, this innovative system reduces the environmental burden previously associated with waste disposal.

Who Are Bailey’s Skip Hire & Recycling?

Bailey’s Skip Hire & Recycling are a Northamptonshire-based business offering skip hire and recycling services for both domestic and commercial customers. The family-run business has over 20 years of experience in waste management services, and has helped the local area with sustainable and efficient waste disposal processes.

The skip hire and recycling business also supports many local charities, from healthcare, sports clubs and local fundraisers. This helps them fund the community and pushes growth for many organisations in Northamptonshire.

 By being a responsible and ethical recycler they have been able to reinvest in the company, ultimately increasing recycling rates and diverting further waste from landfills. 


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