How To Report Fly-Tipping

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How To Deal With Fly-Tipping

Fly-tipping is a growing issue across the world, causing damaging effects on our environments. Local authorities carried out 474,000 enforcement actions against fly tipping in the UK from 2018-2019, describing it as ​​the ‘illegal deposit of any waste onto land that does not have a licence to accept it’. 

If you are or have experienced fly-tipping incidents on your property, you can report it to your local council Crimestoppers here. Fly-tipping is illegal and can be appropriately dealt with by your local authority. You can also find specific information depending on the type of waste dumped from The Environment Agency.

What To Do If Someone Fly Tips On Your Property

You can prevent fly-tipping on private land by making sure gates are securely closed and fencing is in place for restricting access to your land. People who are fly-tipping often need a quick way to throw away rubbish, so when you restrict access this will limit the chances of this occurring. You can also purchase fly-tipping insurance so that you don’t incur high costs and financial struggles if coming face to face with this issue on your land. Having a professional business available instantly means that you do not put yourself at risk to remove waste, whilst also lessening the stress of clearing someone else’s mess.

If you run into someone fly-tipping on your property or public land, you can also call 999; particularly if it is posing a threat to people passing by. The national fly-tipping prevention group also provides tips and in-depth detail on how to prevent this situation. It is best to notify the appropriate authority rather than dealing with this yourself. 

The Damages That Dumping Waste Has On The Environment

Appropriate disposal of the waste rather than fly-tipping means that you can recycle materials where possible. This limits the amount ending up in landfill, and stops harm to the environment and polluting habitats. Much of this waste dumped is also not biodegradable, meaning that it festers for years and emits toxins to both the environment and people.

Having your waste collected by a waste management team means that you are not only limiting harm to the environment but are also creating a safe space. This helps to speed up projects and save time. 

Bailey’s Skip Hire For Your Site Clearances 

At Bailey’s Skip Hire, we provide a fast and reliable site clearance service for businesses of all types. As fly tipping increases, we are able to offer you an effective way to clear waste from the site quickly with our registered waste carriers. We are also able to provide skips and recycle materials collected; including over 70,000 tonnes annually. With the help of our labour team, we get the job done professionally ensuring an efficient service to remove what is often hazardous and unpredictable. Regardless of the waste types or size of the task, we can supply the required service with our experienced team and skip sizes.


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