How To Dispose Of Plasterboard

Dispose Of Plasterboard

Disposing Of Plasterboard: The Green and Clean Way

Disposing of plasterboard may not seem like a big deal, but in fact, it’s a task that requires careful attention. Due to its composition, plasterboard, like other gypsum based products, must be disposed of properly to avoid potential environmental hazards. 

Here, at Bailey’s Skip Hire & Recycling, we can handle your gypsum based waste. But first, let’s understand why this material requires special care.

The Issue with Plasterboard and Gypsum Based Materials

Plasterboard is predominantly made of gypsum, a mineral that, when mixed with biodegradable waste, can produce toxic hydrogen sulphide gas. This gas poses risks to both health and environment. Hence, household waste recycling centres require gypsum based materials, including plasterboard, to be disposed of separately from general waste.

Disposing Small Amounts

Small amounts of plasterboard waste can often be taken to your local household waste recycling centre. However, keep in mind the legal requirements. Plasterboard must not be mixed with other waste to prevent the production of hazardous hydrogen sulphide gas.

Skip Hire: The Solution for Larger Amounts

For larger amounts of plasterboard waste, the best option is to hire a dedicated skip. At Bailey’s Skip Hire, we provide skips for this purpose, allowing plasterboard to be collected separately from mixed waste. This aligns with safe waste management practices and legal requirements.

The Importance of Recycling Plasterboard

Once plasterboard is collected separately, it opens the door for recycling. Yes, you heard right! Plasterboard can be recycled into new gypsum products. The process involves separating the paper from the gypsum core, then crushing and sifting the gypsum to produce recycled gypsum.

This method of recycling plasterboard reduces the demand for raw materials and decreases the volume of waste sent to landfill. It’s an environmentally friendly solution that supports a circular economy.

Dispose Of Plasterboard With Skip Hire

Remember, plasterboard disposal isn’t something to be taken lightly. It requires proper handling to ensure safety and environmental protection. So, whether it’s small amounts from a DIY project or a large volume from a construction site, make sure plasterboard is disposed of separately and safely.

By choosing Bailey’s Skip Hire for your waste management needs, you’re not only ensuring proper disposal, but you’re also supporting plasterboard recycling and contributing to a more sustainable future. Get in touch to find out more regarding our skip hire services.


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