How Much Is A Skip Permit?

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How Much For A Skip Permit?

The cost of a skip licence will vary depending on the location and size of the container. It’s important to note that you only require a skip license when you place the skip on a public piece of land, such as a public highway. When the container is kept on private land such as your drive, a skip permit will not be required.

How much you pay for a skip permit is completely dependent on your region. We charge £40 for Northants and £50 for Rutland/Leicestershire.

Additional fees may be added if you need an extension for your skip on the highway and public roads. You are also required to add traffic cones and reflective lighting for visibility of the container to ensure safety.

How Do I Apply For A Skip Permit?

Skip hire companies such as ourselves are usually able to obtain your skip permit for you, making the hire process quick and easy. However, sometimes the local council require you to purchase the permit rather than the skip company. 

Obtaining your skip permit may take a few days to process by your council, and will usually last upto 2 weeks. If the skips on the road for longer without notifying for an additional permit timeframe, you may face a fine. The council will be able to put the cost of a skip permit up if you would like an extension.

Rules Around Putting The Skip On Public Land

As well as the correct markings and visibility of the skip for safety, you must also ensure that the care and disposal of its contents are done appropriately and no litter is left on the location. You should also have the skip arranged to be collected at the specific date it should be removed, and have the dimensions exact for a safe placement.

Hire Your Skip Today With Bailey’s Skip Hire 

At Bailey’s Skip Hire we have a range of skips available to hire of varying dimensions. This makes it easy for both domestic and commercial projects to complete work efficiently and have waste removed for a clear site at a time that suits you. We also offer commercial recycling, ensuring that your waste is disposed of sustainably, giving you peace of mind that your business is recycling all of your waste materials where possible. Get in touch today to book an affordable skip; we can even offer same-day delivery subject to availability.


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