How Much Is A Skip Permit

How Much Is A Skip Permit

Why Do You Need A Skip Permit?

When hiring a skip you will need to obtain a skip license for its placement on a public highway or pavements. If you place your skip on private property however, the permit is not needed. Depending on your location, there may be rules on dimensions of the skip, markings needed for visibility and the time scale you are allowed to keep the skip.

The local council provides this document at varying permit costs depending on your location in the UK. Skip hire companies, such as ourselves, are able to apply for a skip permit on your behalf to make the process a stress-free experience for our customers.

The reason for these additional fees for skips on a public road or pavement rather than private land is because of the impact on space and traffic flow. Putting the skip on the road means that there may be limited space for drivers and that issues are more likely to arise for the local community. 

What Is The Cost Of A Skip Permit?

Permit fees can range from as low as £30, upto highs of £165 in areas in London. As a skip company we will be able to let you know of the fees for your location and any additional items that may need placing such as traffic cones. Skip bags will also need a permit if placed on public land.

Your permit will last upto a few weeks, however this can be extended by us if more time is needed for your project. We also offer same-day delivery and collections of skip waste in the Northamptonshire area for quick use. 

Choose Your Skip Hire With Us

At Bailey’s Skip Hire we offer a range of skips available for hire. From 2 cubic yard mini skips upto 40 cubic yards, we suit any requirements needed from our customers. Our skip hire service also includes the collection of waste and recycling all where possible, to ensure we are all completing our projects with sustainability at the forefront. If you need to hire your skip or have a chat about the right size for you, get in touch with our friendly team today at


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