How Long Can I Keep A Skip On My Drive

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If you are keeping a skip on private property, such as a drive, a skip company such as ourselves offers a general rule of 7 days from when the skip is delivered. However, with these prior arrangements, you may be able to alter and extend this time limit for a longer hire period. 

Skips on a public piece of land, such as the public highway, have a maximum length of 7 days hire time which you can find in the terms and conditions. If the road skip needs to remain for an extended period, then the rental charge will be applied. 

When using our skip hire service, a skip permit will need to be obtained if the placement is on public land, however not for your drive. We are able to claim this document for you when hiring a skip with us, however some local councils may require you to obtain the permit yourselves. 

The Perfect Skips For Your Drive

We offer a huge range of skip sizes, yet a few are much more suited to private land and drives. Depending on the size of your project, you could benefit from our 2 – 16 cubic yard open or enclosed skips. Most popular amongst buildings, the 6 cubic yard skip is perfect for small-medium sized projects that you may be undertaking at home.

These may be used for home renovations, garden revamps, or light construction work. Filling the skip is also quick and easy, as you have the option to add drop doors creating a slope to transfer waste into the container. 

The Benefits Of Hiring A Skip For Home Projects

Whether you are a builder or a DIY enthusiast, hiring a skip comes with a range of benefits for your project. Skips will help to keep your project on track by minimising mess, and limiting trips to take to disposal centres. This will create a safe working environment, which can also speed up projects and be highly cost-effective.

Skips also help you to work in a more environmentally-friendly manner. Having all your waste items stored in a skip safely saves items from piling into waste bins and not being recycled where possible. Skip hire companies such as ourselves also offer commercial recycling services along with our skips, where we can recycle general trade waste, wood, metals, hazardous waste, and cardboard. You can then have peace of mind that you are working sustainably and can be provided with a waste audit and waste transfer documents to track all of your progress.


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