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Cardboard bales

Bailey’s Skip Hire Processes Over 3 Miles of Cardboard Bales in One Month

We took a look over the past month at Bailey’s Skip Hire including some incredible statistics from our waste services. From skip hires, recycling, clearances and collections our team has been working hard to divert waste from landfills whilst providing our clients with a quick and efficient service for their various waste materials. 

Below are a few key measures of how much cardboard waste we are collecting and the impact of the environmentally-friendly services that we offer.

Cardboard Waste Infographic

Bailey's Skip Hire Infographic
  • We will have processed over 100 containers of cardboard this month
  • Each container holds 32 bales; a container is 40ft long
  • That equivalates to 1600ft when bales are side by side
  • This results in over 3 miles of cardboard bales, weighing 2500 tonnes.


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