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Disposing of waste sustainably

Sustainable Waste Management

Eco Friendly Waste Disposal Methods For Businesses

Are you looking for a sustainable waste management company to dipose of your commercial waste with minimal impact on the planet? At Bailey’s Skip Hire, we offer businesses recycling services for various waste products. This means we can work together to cut your carbon footprint whilst providng an efficient and professional waste removal service. A few examples of recyclable waste we deal with daily includes cardboard, plastic, metal, wood, paper and even hazardous waste. 

We operate across the Corby and Northamptonshire area for clients from a variety of sectors. Working to reduce the amount of waste polluting our planet, any leftover waste will also be converted in energy recovery facilities to be used in energy plants around Europe as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF). This is a fuel produced by waste meaning we can generate energy sustainably.

sustainable waste management

Our Eco Friendly Waste Disposal Service

We are able to collect and recycle the waste that your business is producing at a time that suits you. This means we are flexible and efficient when it comes to disposing of your waste, and can even provide dedicated bins and containers for segregated waste collections. Our business also specialises in skip hire services, meaning we can provide you with skips for any sized project you may be looking to tackle: our sizes range from 2 cubic yard all the way upto 40 cubic yard for industrial waste.

Once we have agreed on your collection, one of our licensed waste carriers will collect your waste materials and transport them to our recycling facilities. Here, waste will be taken through the full recycling process and repurposed into new products to be reintroduced back into the industry. We also supply sustainable construction materials such as recycled aggregates: These are created by reusing surplus construction materials. These are highly cost effective whilst minimising environmental impact.

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Why Is It So Important To Reuse And Recycle?

As a business creating bulk loads of waste, it is so important that you are disposing of the materials sustainably. Without a proper recycling program in place, much of your waste materials will end up in landfill sites. This means that the waste generated will fester here, emitting harmful toxins damaging our earths atmosphere. 

By recycling waste you will also save raw materials from being overused in the production of products. These valuable natural materials are suffering from the rate of which we are extracting them, and with the amount of waste produced we can repurpose materials to save these resources. Not only will this help to reduce waste but also save wildlife and habitats from being damaged during the extraction of resources: this is prominently seen in deforestation for paper. 

Whilst waste festering pollutes the air, wind and rainwater can also carry materials into surrounding environments such as the ocean. Here, we are seeing the dier impact it is having, specifically in relation to plastic in our waters. Whilst the materials fill up our oceans sea life is harmed: There are approximately 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic waste in our oceans.

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If you are looking to boost your green credentials and find an eco friendly waste disposal service then we are your solution! Get in touch with our friendly team today to organise your waste and recycling collection to start creating a greener business. With a 98% customer satisfaction rate and 97% recycling rate, we are sure to provide a professional service and help build a more sustainable planet together. Please note, we do not provide services for food waste. 

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