Commercial Waste Collection Costs: What Impacts Prices?

commercial waste collection costs

Commercial Waste Collection Costs UK

Commercial waste collection costs are an important consideration for businesses of all sizes. Managing waste is a crucial aspect for businesses, and commercial waste collection is one of the most important services that waste management companies provide. 

In this article, we’ll explore the various factors that impact waste collection costs, the different types of waste that businesses produce, and how businesses can save money on their waste service.

What Impacts Commercial Waste Collection Costs?

The Type Of Waste

The first factor that impacts waste collection costs is the type of waste that businesses produce. General waste, which includes things like paper, cardboard, plastics, and food waste, is typically the most common type of waste produced by businesses. 

However, some businesses also produce hazardous waste, such as chemicals or batteries, which require special handling and disposal. The cost of disposing of hazardous waste is typically higher than the cost of disposing of general waste, which is why it’s important for businesses to properly identify and segregate hazardous waste.

Landfill Taxes

Another factor that impacts waste collection costs is landfill tax. Landfill tax is a tax levied by the UK government on waste disposed of in landfills. The tax is intended to encourage businesses to reduce the amount of waste they produce and to divert waste away from landfill. 

Landfill tax rates are set annually and vary depending on the type of waste and the weight of the waste being disposed of. Businesses can reduce their landfill tax costs by recycling more and sending less waste to landfill.

Disposal Costs

Disposal costs are another factor that impacts waste collections. Disposal costs are the costs that waste management companies incur when disposing of waste. These costs include things like gate fees, which are the fees charged by landfill and recycling facilities to accept waste, and transportation costs, which are the costs of transporting waste from the business to the disposal facility. 

Businesses can reduce their disposal costs by properly segregating their waste and recycling as much as possible.

Commercial Duty Of Care

The duty of care is a legal requirement for businesses to ensure that their waste is managed and disposed of responsibly. The duty of care requires businesses to take all reasonable steps to ensure that their waste is handled by a registered waste carrier and waste transfer notes are completed. Failure to comply with the duty of care can result in fines or legal action. It’s important for businesses to work with a reputable waste management company that takes their duty of care seriously.

How To Save On Commercial Waste Disposal Costs

Businesses can save money on their waste service by taking a number of steps. One of the most effective ways to save money is to recycle as much as possible. Recycling not only reduces disposal costs, but it also reduces landfill tax costs. 

Businesses should also consider working with a waste management company that offers a range of waste management services, such as recycling, general waste collection, and hazardous waste disposal. 

Another way to save money on waste collection costs is to properly segregate waste. By segregating waste into different streams, such as paper, plastics, and food waste, businesses can reduce their disposal costs by sending less waste to landfill. Businesses should also consider investing in on-site waste reduction technologies, such as compactors or balers, which can help to reduce the volume of waste produced and make it easier to handle.

We Offer Business Waste Management

We offer commercial waste collections and recycling for business in Northamptonshire and surrounding areas. If you are looking for a sustainable service to manage your business waste then you can book a collection with a team. We can organise a collection depending on your waste types and remove materials swiftly.


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