Getting Involved in Air Ambulance’s Clothing Recycling Scheme

Collaborating With The Local Air Ambulance Service

Baileys Skip Hire and Recycling Ltd have collaborated with the local Air Ambulance service (Warwickshire and Northamptonshire) on a new and exciting scheme. 

Baileys Skip Hire and Recycling realised that textile companies refused to process any textiles from materials recovery facilities, as they had been soiled and contaminated. This meant that all our textile skip waste had to be sent to the landfill, which we weren’t happy about! We calculated that we sent over 25 tonnes of textile waste to the landfill every month. Therefore, we set out to find a solution to this problem and increase the amount of recycling we can do with our skip waste. 

Who is Air Ambulance and What Do They Do?

Air Ambulance is saving lives daily. Their team of paramedics, doctors, and pilots attend up to five rescues per day via helicopter. In hard to access areas, Air Ambulance is crucial for saving lives. In addition, their Critical Care Cars ensure that injured individuals can recieve emergency hospital care 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Air Ambulance has a scheme set up where they issue the public with clothing banks and textile bags to fill with clothes and shoes. Air Ambulance then sells these large amounts of clothing to textile recyclers, helping fund their organisation. The Air Ambulance Charity receives no funding from the government, and therefore, they rely heavily on community and business donations to ensure they can continue to function. 

How The Clothing Recycling Scheme Works

We have decided to get involved in Air Ambulance’s clothing recycling scheme, combining our desire to reduce unnecessary landfill waste, and support a crucial local charity. 

Air Ambulance issues us with their textile bags. We deliver these to our domestic skip customers, if they require them. These customers are then part of this new, exciting clothes recycling scheme, and separate their clothes from their waste. In order to avoid contamination, we are asking our customers to place the textile bags on the top of the skip to minimise contamination risk. 

When these bags return to our site, we store them for Air Ambulance to collect in bulk. This reduces their carbon footprint and also generates huge amounts of revenue for the charity. Per tonne, Air Ambulance receives around £1050 from textile recyclers. 

As each life-saving mission costs the Air Ambulance around £1700, our involvement, and yours, could be hugely beneficial for the charity. If we divert 10-20 tonnes per month from landfills we could help fund the charity between £10,000 and £20,000. Together with our customers help we can be responsible for funding many lifesaving missions.

Air Ambulance have really got on board with this scheme, and are hoping other skip hire companies follow in our footsteps. One day, this scheme may be the norm for all skip hire companies across the UK! 

How To Get Involved

If you wish to help this recycling scheme, and the Air Ambulance, then please get in touch. Or if you are just interested to know how the scheme is progressing! 

Our Sponsored Sky Dive  

Despite all our current efforts, we wanted to give back to Air Ambulance a bit more. The Baileys Skip Hire and Recycling have decided to do a sponsored skydive to raise more money for the Air Ambulance Charity. So far, we have raised almost £8,000, exceeding our goal of £6,000. Please donate, if you can! Help support an amazing charity, and watch our team leap into the sky! 


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