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We provide an efficient and hassle-free cardboard recycling service across Corby

Reliable and Compliant Skip Hire and Cardboard Recycling in Corby

Baileys Skip Hire and Recycling provide a complete waste management service throughout the Corby area, and across Northamptonshire. Our skips come in a huge range of sizes, starting at 2 cubic yards, all the way to 40 cubic yards. We have skips for every occasion, from small domestic renovation jobs, to large scale commercial projects. In addition, we provide skips for various types of waste. Whether you need to remove one waste stream, such as cardboard, or your business is producing a range of waste types, we have a skip for you.

Baileys offers the unique service of same day delivery and collection. This improves efficiency and productivity; you can carry on with your work with minimal disruption. If you wish for frequent skip collection schedules, we offer this service. Alternatively, we also provide ad-hoc collections and long-term rentals. Our team at Bailey’s have over 20 years of experience in managing waste and recycling. We promise that your waste is in safe hands.

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Why Recycle Your Cardboard Waste?

Cardboard is the most recycled waste types in the UK. Currently, around 70% of our cardboard is recycled. Yet, 30% of cardboard waste is still sent to landfill sites. As this form of waste is easier to recycle than most, decomposing in a landfill is unnecessary and damaging. When cardboard waste is sent to a landfill, it breaks down and releases methane gas. This gas, which is one of the most common greenhouse gases, contributes to climate change as it damages the ozone layer. Furthermore, sending unnecessary waste to landfill sites causes overflows and leakages. When landfills leak, they can contaminate local water supplies, and render soil unusable. This has detrimental implications for agriculture, and it causes harm to local wildlife and humans. Cardboard recycling for your Corby business is not just important for saving the environment, but it improves your reputation. By working with a licensed and respected Northamptonshire waste management service, you will improve your public image as an ethical and compliant company. This contributes to your Corporate Social Responsibility and could help you land new customers.

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Bailey's Skip Hire and Recycling

We provide waste management and recycling services.

Our Cardboard Recycling Corby Service

Our cardboard recycling service is compliant with UK waste disposal guidelines. After we collect your cardboard waste, we bring it back to our Materials Recycling Facility (MRF). The cardboard is placed in a baler, to compact the waste into tight bundles.
These bundles are then sent to licensed paper and cardboard treatment facilities. At these facilities, the waste is de-inked, boiled into a pulp, and then rolled out to create recycled paper. This paper is wound into large reels, ready to be used for new cardboard and paper products.

As well as Cardboard, Baileys Skip Hire also offer a waste treatment service for:
Green Waste

We are dedicated to recycling as much of your waste as we can. Annually, we recycle around 97% of the waste that we collect, which is higher than our Corby competitors.

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Our team of friendly advisors will help you choose the perfect skip size for your job. In addition, if you need to obtain a skip permit, to place you skip on public property, Baileys will do this for you.

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