5 Best Ways To Reduce Your Skip Cost

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Hiring a skip can save you money in the long run when getting rid of materials, domestic and commercial waste. Nonetheless, knowing how to minimise your expenses can help to cut the overall cost of hiring a skip.

1. Book the Right Skip Size

Choosing which size skip you need is useful so you aren’t spending unnecessary money. Moving house or renovating a premise can incur costly fees. Picking the right size for what you need, whether that’s a small skip for garden waste or an extra-large skip for commercial demolition, check with the skip hire company to see what size would be best for you. Read our detailed summary of skip sizes if you are looking for some guidance.

2. Book Your Skip in Advance

Planning ahead can ensure that you have the right skip when needed. If the skip size you need isn’t available, you may end up needing to hire a larger one. Spending extra time to book the right skip is vital to cut your costs and inconvenience. 

3. Know What You Can and Can’t Put in a Skip

Check to see what can or can’t be placed in a skip. Do some research on what is acceptable to avoid any last minute plans to get rid of items. Hazardous waste and different materials that can’t be added into skips can take up unnecessary space, which can lead to costing you more. For a full detail of what can and can’t be put in a skip read our blog post.

4. Plan Well so You Don’t Hire the Skip for Longer Than You Need

Figure out how long you will need the skip for and think about any extra help you may need to help shift the items you’re getting rid of. The quicker you are placing the items in the skip, the less amount of time you will spend with a skip hire. Cutting the time means cutting the cost to plan ahead where possible.

5. Maximise the Skip Space by Putting Heavy Items in First

There are ways to make the most out of the skip hire. Research how to strategically place items so it isn’t taking up unnecessary space, such as breaking up larger objects or materials. Placing heavy items in first can help to ensure the skip doesn’t tip over by accident. However, by aiming to fit as much into the skip and avoiding placing items that aren’t accepted in skips can ensure that you are maximising the space.

Hiring a skip may seem like a high start-up cost, but there are ways to reduce your costs as mentioned above. If you are unsure of the skip sizes, accepted items etc, check out our other blog posts or please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at skiphire.bailey@btconnect.com or by phone at 01536743030. We will always try to help you find the best deal for your individual needs.


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